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A Lament For Jack Colback

A poem dedicated to the Ginger Pirlo, wishing him all the best in the Championship next season. By Dan Parker.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Oh Jack, it wasn’t meant to be this way

From Arsenal and City, to Rotherham away

Desperate to join your boyhood club

Proud to be an unwanted Mag sub

All because you swapped ha’way for howay

Oh Jack, it wasn’t meant to be this way

Orange on top and yellow of heart

At left back you got the occasional start

Were you so desperate to play with Coloccini?

To link up with the Jawdee Gini?

How long must you have thought

About their impressive airport

Before you decided to depart?

We gave you a chance, offered a contract too

Instead, Cattermole got to snap you in two

We understand, you didn’t want another relegation fight

You ran to the Mags from the Stadium of Light

You got to see thousands of Jawdees screaming themselves hoarse

Passion that became anger that became assault of a horse

And what a great move it turned out to be

Now that you get to visit Huddersfield and Bristol City

A transfer as baffling as a Lee Ryder turn of phrase

But as the Ginger Pirlo, you got to dazzle and amaze

The Mags crooned and crowed

"How could you have let him go?"

Little did they know…

You got to take every corner and every free-kick

And I can hardly give you stick

You saved the day

In so many ways

Like the Jawdee Michelangelo

You painted the Mags in our shadow

Helped them forge a path in England’s second tier

While Wor Al shed a solitary tear

The True Geordie shouts and splutters "the Mags are doon"

Like Jabba the Hutt in his mother’s back room

But little Jacky boy is still the Pride of the Toon

A clear sign of progress by the Jawdee boardroom

It doesn’t matter about the 88 million spent

Or even your season of torment and descent

Because little ginger Jack is playing left-back for the Toon

And so au revoir, ciao ciao, and good day

I hope you and the Mags enjoy Rotherham away.

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