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#ShowYourColours - An Open Letter By ALS & Roker Report

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Saturday was an absolutely incredible day to be a Sunderland supporter, and due to the overwhelming support of our fans we were able to play our part in achieving what could well be a momentous result as we head towards the tail end of the season.

"The noise, it felt like a 12th man for Sunderland," Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink said in the wake of this weekend’s victory.

My Chelsea players are used to playing in very big atmospheres but this one was not hostile, just very loud and supportive of the home team. But my players are experienced and they should have coped with it better than they did.

Of course, you could see Sunderland felt the energy from the crowd and fed off it. Plus, we allowed them to stay in the game when we should have killed it off in the first half when we were on top.

The fans made them a little bit more energetic in the second half when the game should have been over."

We made a difference, purely through creating an environment almost impossible for the away team to survive in. It’s clear that as a collective unit we can push the Sunderland players to give even more for the cause, something that is absolutely vital if we are to win against Everton.

We – A Love Supreme and Roker Report – are asking our fellow Sunderland supporters to bring absolutely everything that they have got within them and play their part in aiding this club’s survival as a Premier League outfit.

It might not be something that you usually do, but we ask that people get to the game and in their seats slightly earlier than usual in order to help create a special atmosphere before kick-off. When the players are warming up out on the pitch, lets remind them of how much this means to us, and when they enter the field, lets create a wall of noise – almost deafening – so that the Everton players know that we aren’t going down without a fight.

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Wear your colours. There’s nothing more brilliant than a sea of red and white, and that’s what we need tomorrow. If you have a replica shirt, sling it on. Don’t worry about what the hipsters think - red and white looks good.

Wear your scarves and swing them above your head proudly. If you don’t have one, borrow one off a mate or, better still, you can get a retro one from the ALS stand outside the ground for a fiver. Remember the sea of scarves that used to be on show when Martin O’Neill was manager? It would be great to see that again tomorrow night.

If you own a flag, bring it. Let’s make sure that the stands look at their absolute best tomorrow.

Most importantly – bring your voice. Sing your hearts out for the lads. Make an obscene amount of noise and we WILL stay in the Premier League.


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