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FAN FOCUS - Fosse Posse Talk SAFC v Leicester City

Rory Fallow caught up with Shane Evans from fellow SB Nation site Fosse Posse to get an opposition view ahead of this weekends game.

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Seven points clear at the top of the league, with only seven games left to play. Just how great has this season been?

Just unbelievable. It's like last season's successes have just rolled on through to this season. With each result that passes more people begin to believe. I've never been a part of anything like this or seen anything that's come close in the sporting world.

Given how much of a shock Leicester's title challenge has been, how gutted would you be if you slipped up now? I'm sure if you were offered a second place finish at the start of the season, you'd have said yes without any hesitation but getting so close puts an entirely different spin on it!

It's hard to say. I'd be disappointed given the advantage the club has now but being able to play Champions League football next season could be the biggest club achievement in Premier League history. All perspective. It's still a fantastic opportunity for the club and the supporters to go down in history as one of the biggest underdog stories ever.

Claudio Ranieri has done an excellent job to keep Leicester's momentum going from the end of last season. He's not ripped everything up and started again, a mistake a lot of new managers make. How much credit is owed to him for this season?

It's easy to forget the impact Nigel Pearson had on the club, not just last season but in the seasons before that when he led the club to promotion and a number of great championship seasons. Ranieri, nearly the complete opposite personality to Pearson, has seemed to put an invigorating charge into the club with his positive demeanour and charm. He's managed the players perfectly and kept them fit and happy throughout the season. The tactics are simple and effective - Play the players in positions that bring out their strengths and have them playing as one. The simplicity of it all is actually quite astonishing.

With the season nearing its conclusion, are you fearful of the squad getting broken up in the summer? Or do you think it'll stay together with one or two quality additions to cement a top four place for another season?

It's very interesting to think about what will happen this summer, regardless of how the title push goes. I think right now, and the club will echo this, is to focus on the six matches upcoming and finishing the year strongly. No matter what happens, nothing will match what has happened this year so enjoying it while it lasts is paramount.

Vardy, Mahrez, Kante, Drinkwater and many others have shone for Leicester this season. Who could cause Sunderland the most damage on Sunday?

I think Sunderland should pay close attention to Marc Albrighton. Him and Mahrez have done fantastically well in the wide positions this year and not just because of their dribbling and crossing ability. They both flow into the match and show up all over the attacking third. Their movement has gotten better and better this year and Albrighton is generally given more room to allow for closer attention to Mahrez. His confidence couldn't be any higher right now and I expect he gets some good balls into the area that will cause the Black Cats problems.

Anyone in the Sunderland side that you're particularly worried about?

Jermain Defoe, without question. I remember reading something last month where Defoe said he's going to do all he can to help Tottenham to the title. Putting a couple by Leicester would be a great way to accomplish this. He's also the type of forward that could cause problems for the bigger, less agile center back pairing of Wes Morgan and Robert Huth.

Any memories of past visits to Sunderland?

Obviously last season comes to mind as the visitors secured Premier League safety in the 0-0 draw. One of the greatest escapes the league has ever seen, the scrappy stalemate was a fitting way to put a stamp on the revival

How do you see yourselves lining up for the game?

Unchanged. Simple as that. Claudio Ranieri has used the fewest players in the league this year and that won't change. Simple 4-4-2 that he's been employing all year.

Finally, a prediction for the game and for how you seen both sides finishing the season?

I think this will end in a spirited 1-1 draw with Leicester finally cracking at the back thanks to Defoe's cunning forward prowess. Sunderland, in desperate need of points, will take one against the leaders and eventually switch with Norwich and stay alive for another year in the Premier League. For Leicester...well, we'll just see!

Thanks to Shane for his time. You can check out Fosse Posse on their SB Nation page and follow them on Twitter.

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