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Fanpost: Signs You’re Viewing Yet Another Season Through The Sunderland Lens

Alex McCain has submitted this Fanpost looking at how we view things as Sunderland supporters.

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Do you ever stop and consider that, perhaps, the mackem perspective on the beautiful game differs from others in its own imperfect, somewhat cynical way? Are there sentiments and conventions alike that we alone have our footballing experiences shaped by? Whether you’re fair-weather or fanatic, home or away, I guarantee that there’s something in this list that has crossed your mind amid the turbulence of this season.

Villa’s Capitulation Is Still Funny, But Not That Shocking

It’s objectively true, yes, that Villa are on course to round off one of the worst seasons in Premier League history. But whilst fans of table toppers might find such a fate of an established top-flight side inconceivable, to us it is little more than a familiar feeling, accompanied by a toxic taste in the back of our throats.

If, by the unlikely chance, a Derby County fan has stumbled upon this article and is inwardly condemning my claim that we alone have empathy – it’s worth noting that Sunderland set the lowest points tally, and then broke such a record at the next time of asking. The feeling isn’t just familiar, it’s practically ingrained.

But hey, at least we’re not doing it again this time round.

The ‘Routine’ of Sunderland’s Season Isn’t a Sudden Discovery

I rightly recall checking social media following the sacking of Dick Advocaat, only to find platforms such as the LADBible raving in the knowledge that we start a season poorly, sack our manager, and then subsequently improve when the new man comes in.

At the very least, we can roll our eyes at these remarks. This facade has been going on for years, you won’t be surprising a Sunderland an anytime soon by identifying this correlation.

Big Sam’s Appointment Just Seems Like It Was Bound To Happen At Some Point

This is a strange one, and if I’m honest I can’t quite pinpoint the cause of it. It’s certainly not down to a reputable style of football we have – we’ve had that many managers with that many different philosophies (a loose term for some) that any stylistic consistency is non-existent.

Maybe it’s just because we’ve had that many managers that Allardyce was surely fated to join the list? Or perhaps we’re just such a typically bottom-half club that it only seems right for Big Sam to be in charge at some point. Both are plausible, but I’m going with the latter.

Being Head Over Heels For Bang Average Players

We wouldn’t be the club we are without our fair share of saviours, cult heroes and just all-round enigmas – and when the fans are presented with a player that is competent with a bit of character, you better believe we’re gonna overrate him.

The recklessness and reasonable talent which we saw in Lorik Cana was more than enough to make him a fan favourite. As was the good-enough Marcos Alonso, whose tendency to rally his twitter followers for the bi-annual encounter with the mags acted as a catalyst for his success with the red-and-white faithful.

And I haven’t even mentioned Cattermole yet.

When We Win, We Let Everyone Know

Ah, yes, the lesser-spotted but surely existent Sunderland win. If there’s one definitive quality intrinsic to all Sunderland fans, it’s just we’ll gloat about turning over opposition for as long as physically possible – which is usually until the following matchweek.

No one can say we aren’t grateful, it’s just one of the many things that defines our wonderful club.

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