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Eboue Suspended By FIFA & Has Contract Terminated

After the Adam Johnson stuff, Margaret Byrne leaving, the Cabral fiasco, Ricky Alvarez legal dispute and the Lorient lawsuit that we've already presided over this year, yet another embarrassing PR disaster has arrived at the door of Sunderland AFC.

Matthew Lewis/Getty Images

Emmanuel Eboue, who signed only recently on a short term deal until the end of the season, has been suspended by FIFA for failing to pay agent fees, receiving a ban from playing for one year.

As a result, Sunderland have elected to terminated the player's contract, pending an appeal.

A statement on reads:

Sunderland AFC has been advised by the Football Association that Emmanuel Eboue has been placed under an immediate suspension from football and all football-related activity for a period of one year, by FIFA.

The suspension relates to a monetary dispute between the player and a former agent, which precedes his time at Sunderland AFC and was not something that the club was made aware of by the player.

Eboue signed a contract with Sunderland AFC until the end of the current season and the club has therefore given notice of its intention to terminate the contract. The player has two weeks in which to appeal this decision.

Although the club could well be completely blameless in all of this, it's not the first time this season we've had our name rather embarrassingly dragged through the mud. Less said about it, the better.

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