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The Gloatysock Roker Report Pre-Match Preview: L'Pool (a)

Welcome the newest member of the Roker Report team, Gloatysock!

The internet is a wonderful place. If you aren't familiar yet with Gloatysock, then you perhaps should be.

Join Gloatysock each and every week as he previews each Sunderland game on behalf of Roker Report over on Youtube - the links will be available on our site but make sure you subscribe to Gloaty's channel here.

As well as plenty of pre-match chatter Gloaty will be hosting 'The Roker Report Post-Match Debate With Gloatysock' after each Sunderland game LIVE, broadcasting via Youtube where viewers are able to take part in the debate live via the chat stream facility.

So - make sure you follow Gloatysock on Twitter, and subscribe to his official Youtube channel.

Anyways, here's our latest team member himself to tell you more about what is to come from Gloatysock and Roker Report, along with his very first Roker Report pre-match preview -  take it away, Gloaty...

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