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Are You A Typical Sunderland Supporter?

The people over at YouGov think these are all things typical of a Sunderland fan. Does this sound like you?

Apparently, the average Sunderland fan enjoys tucking into cheesy chips, shepherds pie and Sunday dinners more than any other culinary delights. We're bang into DIY, gardening and finding ways to make cash buying and selling on eBay.

Elsewhere, we're into Sunderland (of course), have a niche interest in Newcastle United (erm....) and Durham cricket club. Our favourite sports are football and American football and the pet we're most likely to have is a dog.


In terms of personality we don't tend to trust politicians, love a bit of online shopping, and whilst we might consider ourselves to be considerate and friendly we're often bossy and hesitant.

Look at what we have to put up with from our football club - do you blame us?


The typical Sunderland fan is a left-leaning gentleman in his fifties that lives in the North East and works in the retail industry. The cost of following Sunderland isn't cheap, but luckily the average Sunderland supporter has around a grand a month spare in the bank to piss away and follow the team up and down the country, so it's not too bad.


The average Sunderland fan likes to read the Sunderland Echo online, whilst following Harry Styles on Twitter and liking the Beamish Museum page on Facebook is apparently something else we do.


ASDA and New Look are places that we tend to buy your clothes from, whist you also buy 'I Can't Believe It's Not Butter' from Morrisons and bank with Metro.

Mr A. Sunderland Fan drives a German car, wears Ted Baker and has an iPad. What a catch.


Do you watch around three hours of TV a day, spend around four hours a day browsing online, read the Sun, watch Shetland, and buy copies of Woman Magazine on the sly? Well, by gosh, you must support Sunderland!


According to the profile, Sunderland fans are bang into Graham Norton, Cheryl Cole and Jedward.

Bobby Thompson is another favourite of a black cats fan, whilst we're partial to 'Reservoir Dogs', Lawrence of Arabia and The Village People (don't even pretend you don't).


Anyone else feel like they've just had their entire life described to them?

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