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The Away Day Guide: Burnley - Where To Go, Where To Drink & What To Do

We've got Burnley on New Years Eve at Turf Moor - are you going? Good. Read this, it's helpful.

How Do I Get To Burnley?

The journey for our New Years Eve trip to Burnley is a nice, short one.

Once you're on the A19, stay on there until you hit the A168 towards Ripon and you'll turn off at the A61. When you hit the roundabout for the A59, take the third exit to get on there before another roundabout at East Marton, to divert onto the A56.

This eventually leads you to the M65 which you'll exit at junction 11 to take you into Burnley, where Turf Moor will begin to be sign posted.

Where Should I Drink In Burnley?

You'll find most Sunderland supporters congregating at Burnley Cricket Club, located just next to Turf Moor. It's not the biggest bar so expect it to be busy but prices are reasonable and if you feel like braving the cold, you can sit outside in the pavilion.

I'd stick with the warmth though, unless you've got a very thick beer jacket on. It's also a handy if one of your party is driving, as parking is available at the club.

Slightly further afield (around a ten minute walk from the stadium) is The Bridge Bier Huis and it's a good one if you want a more varied selection. A boat load of ales, cascades of cider and a list of bottles longer than the amount of players David Moyes needs to buy in January. It's in the CAMRA good beer guide and it, quite handily, does food so you can line your stomach ahead of ringing in the New Year.

If don't fancy larging it and want to keep yourself right for the evening, then you can grab a swift one in the stadium. All beers/ciders are around the £3.50 mark, just don't hoy too much of it about.

What Should I Do If I'm At A Loose End?

I don't expect that many Sunderland supporters will be staying over in Burnley, what with it being New Years Eve and that, so we'll keep things brief.

If you want to see something really different, go high above the town to Crown Point and visit The Singing Ringing Tree. It's made from old pipes and uses the wind to produce tunes - do I really need to say any more?!

Apparently if the wind blows the right way it does the tune to the Jermain Defoe song but you'll have to check it out to confirm that.

What's Turf Moor Like?

Turf Moor is a marvelous old ground with wooden seats that probably still have pipe smoke absorbed into their fibers. When you're sat high up in Turf Moor, you also get beautiful brass band inducing Lancashire views, which is nice to look at if things are going to shit on the pitch.

Away supporters are located in one half of The David Fishwick Stand with just over two thousand spaces allocated to travelling fans. As you've probably noticed from watching games at Turf Moor on TV (if you haven't been already) this stand is behind a goal but views aren't bad even if you're right down the front.

Massive lads fans have once again sold out their allocation and we'll all be hoping for a very happy new year.

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