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Iconic SAFC Moments Recreated In MS Paint

We are truly, truly sorry. And no, these weren't drawn by children - they were drawn by grown men. Feel free to tweet us abuse.

Image created by a grown man, aged between 25-30.

It's Christmas Day. Why are you even here?

Oh. You're loyal - I get it.

Fair enough, I suppose. We're loyal too, so we get it. We also get that you probably don't want to be doing much reading today, and that Christmas cracker jokes are just pure shit - so with that in mind, we've tried our hand at some drawing.

Erm... enjoy, I guess.

By @Gav1879

Steve Bruce, our esteemed former manager, was incredibly proud of Sunderland's 2010/2011 tenth placed finish in the Premier League. (by @Gav1879)

by @DGP202

Mart Poom powering above the entire Derby County defence (and the Earth) to score a header back in 2003. (by @DGP202)

By @SAFCSource

That time when a mutant approached Jack Colback. (by @SAFCSource)

By @Nightmar3s23

Micky Gray banters Sunderland out of a penalty shootout to send Charlton Athletic to the Premiership at our expense. (by @Nightmar3s23)

By @Capt_Fishpaste

Paul McShane does what he wants - including doing slide tackles when the game has already stopped. (by @Capt_Fishpaste)

By @Gav1879

"Oh Tommy Tommy...." - Shearer steps up... and misses! (by @Gav1879)

Anton Ferdinand pays tribute to Michael Jackson after ‘scoring’ against Spurs, blissfully unaware that the goal has been disallowed. (by @KarlJMaguire)


Darren Bent scores a goal against Liverpool at the Stadium of Light, with the assist coming from Mr B. Ball. (by @SimonSKITSNYGG)

By @Rastrentish

That time when Lamine Kone announced himself as a beast. (By @Rastrent)

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