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Sunderland Fans Have Their Part To Play Against Leicester City

We're bottom of the table, we lost our last game, our players are dropping like flies and we play the league champions this weekend - yet, we're all feeling strangely positive.

Swansea City v Sunderland - Premier League Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images

Our last home game against Hull City - otherwise known as Charlie Hurley day - felt like a real difference-maker.

It wasn't just the fact that we had won - it was the manner in which we battled and crafted in attacking areas to ensure that we got the three points that we needed. The fans were up for it, the manager was up for it and, most importantly, the players were up for it. We knew we had to deliver and, well, we did.

But it can't end there.

Making the Stadium of Light a place that opposition teams genuinely detest playing at seems like a novel concept nowadays but it's not lost, not yet. The result of this weekend's game will tell us whether this group of players truly have it in them to fight in this battle in relegation. Beating Hull was all well and good but it means nothing if we can't follow it up with another strong home performance.

We've seen this side fall to pieces far too many times this season to begin trusting them - though I'd admit it feels like we are getting there, slowly but surely.

And it's that feeling, knowing that we've finally got a plan and a base to build from, that has given us cause for optimism. We saw this team fold like a pack of cards against Arsenal just over a month ago but the side that were beaten by Liverpool last weekend aren't even comparable.

Leicester are not going to be easy to beat, but we have to stop measuring them against the side that beat us twice last season. They have an awful record away from home and don't seem to be able to play in the way that they did in their title-winning campaign. Sunderland have to think of this as just another game - if we play to our strengths, try to defend sensibly and look to cut off their main creative supply we'll be fine. If is the big word, though.

We have to be there with them, though. The good feeling around the ground on Charlie Hurley Day cannot just be a one off - we need to use that as a base to grow. If we are with the players from the beginning it'll boost spirits and go some way to ensuring that they go right at it.

It's going to take yet another huge effort from everyone involved at the club if we are to maintain this positive mindset. We have to be fully aware of the situation that we are in and even when results don't go our way, we need to dust ourselves down and move on - just like we have done this week after the disappointment at Anfield.

Flags, banners, scarves, replica shirts, chanting - whatever it is, just be behind them. Lets make sure they know that we can see that they are striving to improve and are giving their all.

Plus, don't forget that winning this weekend could see us reach the lofty heights of 18th if the results go our way. Imagine that? Eighteenth?! Jesus wept.

David Moyes might get a nosebleed.

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