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Quick Kicks: Maintaining Our Momentum Is Key!

In this week's Quick Kicks, Gav is keen to stress the importance of keeping that winning feeling going, whilst in turn respecting our next opponents and not becoming too distracted from the task at hand.

Sunderland v Crystal Palace - Premier League Photo by Mark Runnacles/Getty Images

Having lost on so many occasions this season when we've looked set to take points from games it will have been a huge relief for David Moyes that his side were able to take apart Hull City in such an efficient manner.

And, from a fan's point of view, it was nice to be able to go to a game and not worry that we were going to throw away the lead again. Hull looked neat and tidy but in truth they were always going to struggle to score goals when you consider that most of their first choice forwards weren't available. It was key that we took our chances, and having started the game poorly we altered our approach and were rewarded for doing so with three nice goals.

David Moyes was keen to praise his players for their performance and felt it was important that we build from our showing against Hull when we arrive at Anfield next weekend.

Speaking in his post-match email, the Sunderland manager said:

It’s good to be using the word ‘another’ as we’ve got another win today, let’s hope we’re using it more often. We need to get another win on the board just as quickly.

I’m delighted with the result today; back-to-back wins is something for us to build in and help us grow in confidence.

Both strikers were on the scoresheet, we got a clean sheet; it’s been a good day. Victor [Anichebe] deserves praise for his two goals and it was great to see Jermain [Defoe] get his 150th Premier League goal.

You have to admire the fact he’s been able to score that many goals. He’s done really well throughout his career.

[Jordan] Pickford has made some of the finest saves for us in the last few games and he’s been tremendous for us, we really needed him today, we did a lot of defending and he was great.

It was a performance fit for a King; Charlie Hurley was in attendance and we have to be playing as well as his team did back in the day and we can hope to be as successful as his team. We’ve made a start, but it’s only a start, we have to go away and build on that now.

Saturday, respectfully named 'Charlie Hurley Day', was a nice chance for the Sunderland supporters to embrace and remember our history and it was great to see the manager highlight the importance of people like Jermain Defoe, Charlie Hurley and Jordan Pickford in the aftermath of the victory.

In truth, Moyes has recently handled himself brilliantly since receiving some scathing criticism - and rightly so - from portions of the fan base (ourselves included) since the start of the season, and it's key that he continues to listen to the supporters if he is to turn things around here.

We say it time and time again here at Roker Report - we as supporters don't demand anything other than 100% commitment from every single person that is fortunate enough to represent this football club and, in the last three weeks, it has been fairly evident that the manager and the players are trying their best to change our fortunes through better communication. The key now is that their professionalism continues to shine through in our performances, and particularly in games against opposition that are viewed as more on our level - in years gone by we'd have easily folded at home against a newly promoted side like Hull City.

With that in mind, it's nice to see someone like Victor Anichebe come here with very little expectation placed on his shoulders only to completely blow us away with the level of his initial performances. The fans sang his name loud and proud on Saturday and it was deserved - even if Victor hadn't scored two goals I'd have been pleased with his commitment and desire. He's just a nuisance and his presence on the pitch adds a completely different element to the way that we play.

It was nice to see our fans getting a fair representation in the media too - for much of this season we've been used as a tool by the newspapers and TV pundit shows to amuse the masses due to the hilarious nature of our team's frequent collapses in games but the likes of Match of the Day and Goals on Sunday gave us some nice praise this weekend. Long may it continue.

All in all, I feel that it's important that we remember to take things a game at a time and to not get too carried away.

By all means, enjoy the last two victories, but lets be sure to refocus and to not become distracted from the task at hand. If we come away with anything at Anfield - even a point - it will feel as good as victory and ensuring that we maintain our momentum is almost as important as anything that we can do right now.

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