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Meeting A Legend: Charlie Hurley (Part Three) - Charlie's Greatest SAFC XI!

Did you miss part one and part two of our interview with the King? If so, go back and read them, he's a top fella. Charlie, 'the greatest centre half the world has ever seen', played with some topper players in his day and today we run through his Greatest SAFC XI.

Manager: Alan Brown (1957 - 1964)

We called him 'The Boss' but I nicknamed him the bomber - just one look and you knew there was an almighty explosion about to happen in your direction. He persevered for two days to sign me from Millwall. My Mum and Dad thought he was a lovely man because of the attention he paid me - he was very hard man but was always fair. I had my best playing days under him and we had a great relationship.

Goalkeeper: Jimmy Montgomery (627 apps, 0 goals)

This is easy. The best shot stopper ever!

FA Cup Final: Manchester United v Chelsea Photo by Clive Mason/Getty Images

He was not great on crosses but that was my job, to clear the danger.

Right Back: Ces Irwin (351 apps, 1 goal)

The most played right back in Sunderland history - a great attacking full back.

Right Half: Martin Harvey (358 apps, 5 goals)

The five of us (Harvey, Monty, Irwin, McNab and I) made the most settled back five whilst I was at Sunderland and we all became great pals off the pitch.

Martin was one of Northern Ireland's great players.

Centre Half: Charlie Hurley (401 apps, 26 goals)

(Ed: Some say the best centre half ever to pull on the shirt.)

Left Half: Jimmy McNab (323 apps, 18 goals)

Mac the knife was a defensive minded player, a great tackler and a pleasure to play alongside - truly dependable at all times.

Left Back: Len Ashurst (458 apps, 4 goals)

Lenny the Lion was a hard tackler and brave as any player I have ever shared the field with.

Sunderland Manager Len Ashurst and Norwich City Manager Ken Brown

He had George Best in his pocket, and not many did that!

Right Wing: Brian Usher (71 apps, 7 goals)

Brian took the corners from the right, came through the youth team and established himself very quickly.

Inside Right: George Herd (318 apps, 55 goals)

George was a very bubbly lad. He couldn’t tackle but his first touch was fantastic and it gave him a yard head start to start the attack.

Centre Forward: Brian Clough (74 apps, 63 goals)

This was a really tough choice and I think Cloughie just pips Nick Sharkey to make the starting team. Brian was the most clinical and best goal scorer I have played with.

Nottingham Forest Manager Brian Clough

He always stayed late after training, he practised long and hard at volleying and quick turns and shooting. He rarely missed the target and was very hard to defend against - he never scored for Middlesbrough against me, though.

Inside Left: Johnny Crossan (99 apps, 48 goals)

Jobby, as he was known to many, also played on the right. He scored loads of goals for us in the few years he was at Sunderland and left shortly after Alan Brown did.

Left Wing: George Mulhall (289 apps, 67 goals)

George was a fantastic crosser of the ball, and a terrific left foot corner taker. He curled them well out, I would go in close, back off to get the space and enable my run and jump, so he made most of my goals.

Substitute: Nick Sharkey (117 apps, 62 goals)

Nick was a short striker but never frightened and was good in the air for 5’7.

I consider him a real predator and ‘fox in the box’ that won us many games. His reading in the box was amazing - he did dummy runs to the back taking the defenders with him and then he would cut back to the near post and get a flick or touch ahead of his marker.

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