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Roker Riches: Week #14 - Thieving B*stards!

Sunderland won last week, which meant all of the writers got a special present. With an extra ten quid each to spend, will anyone take advantage and plow forward in this week's Roker Riches?

Last week we gave the writers a little treat - if Sunderland won, everyone would get a free bet. Nice, right?

That means that all six pundits this week have a risk free ten pound bet to place with Dafabet on this weekend's football, on top of whatever they already wish to put down.

On top of that, everyone but Danny won their Sunderland bet which means that they all get to take a fiver each off another pundit. The thieving twats.

Week #13 Table:

Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
@Gav1879 + £12.50 £93.29
@RoryFallow + £17.50 £30.75
@SAFCSource + £37.50 £55.50
@DGP202 + £60 £108.72
@ChrisSavedLatin - £1.75 £28.25
@DJRoberts22 - £10 £35.97


First things first, I’m going to take a fiver off Gav the gaffer, just because it’s his idea so he should suffer the consequences in my opinion. For my free £10 bet for Sunderland finally winning, I’m going to put another whopping international accumulator!

Elsewhere I’m backing Harry Kane to score first placing £2.50 on that and another £2.50 on England to win and BTTS.


Harry Kane FGS: 15/4 - £2.50 returns £11.88

England to win and BTTS: 15/4 - £2.50 returns £11.88

£10 FREE BET - 15 teams to win (Denmark, England, France, Northern Ireland, Poland, Germany, Republic of Ireland, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Ukraine, Wales, Holland, Switzerland and Belgium): Returns £1,585.21


My England bet will be making the most of a price boost, which is England half-time/full-time, and I'll place a fiver on that.

My second bet will be Carlisle To beat Newport County, Doncaster to beat Exeter and Plymouth to pick up a win against Crewe. All the three away teams picking up a win gives me 8.66/1 odds.

My free £10 bet will be taking advantage of a price boost again, which is Northern Ireland to win and over 2.5 goals at 3/1.


England half-time/full-time: £5 - 5/4

Carlisle, Doncaster and Plymouth all to win: £5 - 8.66/1

£10 FREE BET - Northern Ireland to win and over 2.5 goals: 3/1


I fancy England to win against Scotland this evening but have zero faith in their defence, so I'm going for a Dafabet price boost - England to win and both teams to score.

Away from international football there are still games going on in the lower leagues. High-flyers Scunthorpe and Carlisle to both win gives a decent return with both sides playing away from home so I'm going to place yet another fiver on that.

With my free tenner I'm going for another Dafabet price boost - Harry Kane to score first is 15/4. It's a long shot but I've got very little to lose!

And Dan Parker - sorry mate. Giz that fiver.


England to win & BTTS: 15/4 - £5

Scunthorpe & Carlisle to win: £5 returns £24.60

£10 FREE BET - Harry Kane to score first: 15/4


Andy won big last week so I'm nicking £5 off him, he won't miss it now that he's bathing in money.

Since I won and I have a £10 risk free bet this week, I'm going to play it pretty safe with my England v Scotland flutter. Dafabet have a price boost of 15/4 for England to win and both teams to score, I'll have £5 on it and that will return £23.75. Despite Scotland's recent struggles, I think they'll lift themselves for such an important game and, should England win, it'll still be a narrow victory.

Both Croatia & Iceland go into their game with two games won and one drawn. Croatia may be the better side on paper but we all know too well that Iceland love to upset the odds and I'm going to back them win. Iceland are a very surprising 7/1 just to win, worth a fiver of anyone's money.

If I have a £10 risk free bet, I might as well put it on something stupid. A double of Sweden to win away against France and a slightly more outlandish selection of Lithuania to beat Slovakia. If it comes off, I'll win £1,300 but I won't hold my breath. If it does though, I think the rest of the lads will be stealing fivers off me for the foreseeable future.


England to win & BTTS: £5 - 15/4

Croatia & Iceland to win: £5 - 7/1

£10 FREE BET - Sweden & Lithuania to win: Returns £1300


England have a great record in qualifiers, even when they fail to impress and I expect that to continue against Scotland. Despite Scotland struggling in their last two games - only getting a point at home to Lithuania and getting a pasting in Slovakia - it's still an England vs Scotland game and it will be a close fought game. Expect England to dominate possession without a cutting edge but just about managing to come away with all three points.

I'll also steal £5 from Gav and immediately put it on top of my own £5 for this bet.

In League Two, rock bottom Newport meet an unbeaten Carlisle side who are only trailing Plymouth in the table. Although they are in great form, Carlisle don't keep a lot of clean sheets and Newport usually find a way to score despite their poor form, so hopefully that continues this weekend.

As Sunderland won last week and I get a free £10 bet, so I'll put that on the Republic of Ireland to snatch a win in Austria. Austria have only won three times in 2016 - against Albania, Malta and Georgia - and they have struggled any time they have come up against anyone of note. It'll be a tight game, as Martin O'Neil games tend to be but I think Ireland will just edge it.


England to win 2-1: 8/1 - £10

Carlisle to win and both teams to score: 5/2 - £5

£10 FREE  BET - Ireland to win 1-0: 8/1


No matter how hard I try I can’t get myself excited for England games. Except this one. I’m not sure why but I’ve always cared about England vs Scotland. Therefore, for the first time since the catastrophic Iceland game this summer, I will watch the entire 90 minutes on Friday night. I have been tempted in by Dafabet’s England to win and BTTS “price boost” from 14/5 to 15/4. Scotland’s attack may be poor but our defence is even worse and I can see Snodgrass continuing his club form into this game. Having said that, we should still win because, well, it’s Scotland.

And secondly, the acca. This week I’ve played it relatively safe. I’ve gone for England, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Netherlands, Northern Ireland, and Belgium. Naturally, my returns would be just £21.55. You may say what is the point. And you would probably be right.

For my free £10 bet, I've gone for the Dafabet price boost in the Northern Ireland vs Azerbaijan game. Will I watch the game? Absolutely not. Do I expect all round goal threat Paddy McNair to inspire Northern Ireland to victory? Absolutely.


England to win and BTTS: £4 - 15/4

Accumulator: £5 returns £21.55

£10 FREE BET - Northern Ireland to win and over 2.5 goals: 3/1 returns £40

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