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Roundup: Sunderland 'Stranded' In Southampton; Moyes Bemoans Bad Luck & Watmore Claims Unity

In today's WipeUp of the news we take a look at comments made by David Moyes and Duncan Watmore after last night's loss in the cup at Southampton; plus reaction to the news that Sunderland's players were left wandering around the south coast yesterday evening after their flight back up north was cancelled.

Sunderland 'Stranded' On South Coast, Say Sky Sources

According to Keith Downie of Skysports News, Sunderland's players and staff have been 'stranded' in Southampton after their flight last night was cancelled due to thick fog on the south coast.

Having been left to fend for themselves for the evening one can only imagine how they coped with being left in such a desolate area of the country. Latest reports have suggested that David Moyes was spotted with his training jumper tied around his head looking exhausted in a desperate attempt to find drinking water.

Allegedly a message in a bottle floated ashore down Roker Beach this morning, and on it the words "can you tweet something like" were written on it. The assumption is that somebody instructed Victor Anichebe to do it, though that allegation has yet to have been confirmed.

Moyes Bemoans Luck But Feels It's About To Change

David Moyes was sent off towards the end of the game yesterday at Southampton for swearing at the fourth official, and whilst Moyes has apologised for his conduct he remains convinced that the referee got the decision not to award Sunderland a penalty categorically wrong.

Speaking after the game, the manager bemoaned his side's luck at present but feels that it will eventually change.

He said:

It’s a stonewaller. You can write that any way you like, stonewaller penalty kick. No questions. Inside the box. Yoshida goes across Victor and it was a definite penalty kick.

At the moment our luck is out, but it will change because I actually think the performances have been getting better and those will lead to results.

The last couple of performances have merited something, we should have got something at West Ham. We definitely did enough here to take it to extra-time.

I was sent off for leaving my box and swearing. It was correct. The decision to send me off was correct. It was the fourth official, who chased me down the touchline.

I felt like saying ‘just stay back’. But I swore at him which I shouldn’t have done and I deserved to get sent off.

Clearly, frustration is starting to creep in and that he's clutching at straws with his excuses. Alex McCarthy in the Southampton goal barely made a save all night. The team that they fielded wasn't even particularly strong yet we struggled to impart ourselves, and it all seems to boil down to confidence, which is currently about as low as it gets.

This weekend's game with Arsenal could be make or break. Just imagine for a second that we win - the Stadium of Light will be buzzing. Lose, though, and I fear the worst - memories of our 2-1 loss to Wigan in 2011 are still fresh in my mind.

Watmore Insists That Sunderland Squad Is United

One thing I've pointed out in recent weeks regarding our team is that there's a clear disconnect on the pitch, but Duncan Watmore has been keen to stress that this squad of players are together and are determined to put things right.

He told

Our team ethic is very important but we have great lads in the dressing room and good backroom staff, so everyone at the club is pulling in the same direction.

Whilst I don't doubt what he's saying, we aren't seeing it in games - Watmore's attitude and application is commendable though and he's often made a scapegoat when others who go into hiding do much less for the team than he does.

I suppose it's better than him putting empty words out on Twitter like Mr Kone did yesterday before the Southampton defeat, when he tweeted that the players were 'ready to give our supporters what they deserve'. Quite.

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