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Roundup: Moyes Says He Wants To Win; Kennedy Back On Echo Duty & Lee Clark Has A Book Out

Today's WipeUp of the news comes from Gav, who is taking over from Mr Henchard whilst he enjoys his holiday. Today we look at David Moyes' pre-Saints comments, Lee Clark's new book and the mysterious 'Staff Reporter' that is back writing at the Sunderland Echo.

Moyes 'Genuinely Wants To Win' EFL Cup Tie

In what can only be classed as a shock revelation, Sunderland manager David Moyes has said that he really does want to win the game against Southampton tomorrow evening in the cup, contrary to popular belief that he's actively trying to bollocks up every opportunity he has at gaining positive results through baffling tactics.

Speaking to the media ahead of the game at St Mary's Stadium, Moyes said:

Look, I genuinely want to go and get through. It's a tough game, a tough draw for us to go away to Southampton. I think if we were at home we would be saying 'We'll have a bit of that'.

But going to Southampton, the form they are in at the moment... I don't know what they'll do, but they have had a really busy schedule with being in Milan, being at Manchester City.

They have got a good squad, they have got good players, but my feeling is they will probably change their team as well.

When questioned about his future as manager, Moyes effectively relayed the message already given to us by Martin Bain last week - if you've been hoping that you'll see the back of him soon, you might want to look away now.

The message to the fans would be to say, I totally understand. If you don’t win games, you know… any manager is in trouble if you don’t win games, whether you’re at the top or at the bottom.

I do think the majority of people understand. I think they understand the situation we’re in, but I don’t take it for granted. I don’t take it for granted that I can get their support.

I have to earn their support and at the moment, I could understand if they didn’t see that because of our results. I can only tell them that we’re doing everything possible to get there. I’ll keep doing it until I’m told differently.

Yes, you can change one guy [the manager] but it has been proved in that past here, that is not the [long term] answer.

I've seen many fans over on social media state that if we lose our next two or three games then Moyes' position will surely become untenable, but clearly that isn't the case. Bain and Short are fully behind rebuilding with David Moyes at the helm and it seems as though he'll see the season out, whether we go down or not.

The question now is, are you prepared to stand by our manager and stay patient in the hope that he'll turn this around eventually? I'll admit, I'm struggling to stay optimistic.

Kennedy Is Back Writing About Sunderland

Some of the eagle-eyed folk over on the RTG Message Board have noted that Liam Kennedy has been back writing Sunderland-related content for the Sunderland Echo again today - having originally posted the story under his own name in error, he allegedly changed it, presumably in the hope that nobody would realise.

Under the pseudonym of 'Staff Reporter', Kennedy's input this time around was to report on some startling insight from rent-a-gob Danny Murphy about David Moyes inability to sign a striker in the summer window - I think we're ignoring Victor Anichebe even exists at this point.

Murphy apparently stated, 'There is some responsibility on the manager even though he's walked in to a poor squad. Go and get yourself a striker at least.' Much like most Sunderland supporters, Murphy isn't privy to the reasons why Sunderland neglected to sign a proven forward in the summer. One would imagine that despite David Moyes' obvious flaws, he's not a complete idiot - anyone with half a brain can see that we were crying out for one, and that perhaps his hands were tied with regards to who he could and couldn't bring in to the club.

Murphy did find time to comment on Sunderland's other summer buys, though I'm not sure Mr Kennedy heard him clearly when translating the audio.

"He's signed a centre-half (Papy Djibilodj)" - who?

A***Wipe Of The Day - Lee Clark

I don't need to remind anybody of the way things ended for Lee Clark when he was a Sunderland player - and the touchy nature of the subject has cropped up once again now that the controversial pizza-faced midfielder has released his autobiography, "Black or White, no Grey Areas", available from the bargain bin of a book shop near you in around six months or so.

Clark, in the book, has admitted that whilst he 'had two of the best years of my (his) life' at Sunderland, ultimately it was a huge mistake and he wishes that he had never bothered.

In the full transcript, which you can read here in the Sunderland Echo (again written by 'Reporter'), poor Lee bemoans the fact that he couldn't bring himself to play against his beloved toon in the colours of Sunderland, and that was why he wanted to leave.

"Ask any diehard Newcastle fan or Sunderland supporter and they will understand. I know for a fact they will empathise with me."

I can't speak for anyone else, but if Newcastle want to start paying me tens of thousands a week I'll run around in a black and white shirt doing Shearer salutes outside of the Strawberry if they want me to.

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