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Roker Riches: Week #11 - Out Of The Red! Out Of The Red!

Danny picked two winners last time out to put him back above the zero mark; Gav's taking a gamble this week and Damian is doing the unthinkable and betting against Sunderland.

Week Ten Table:

Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
@Gav1879 - £15 £15.79
@RoryFallow - £5 £31.25
@SAFCSource - £10 £39
@DGP202 - £9 £53.72
@ChrisSavedLatin - £10 £50
@Rastrentish - £10 £0
@DJRoberts22 + £26 - £8.20

If you're daft enough to follow any of our tips then head over to the Dafabet website to check out their usual price boosts and take advantage ahead of this weekend's football.

On to this week's picks!


I’m doing the unthinkable this week and betting against Sunderland for the first time ever, it’s a win-win situation, either I win a bet or Sunderland finally win a game! I’m going for West Ham and BTTS at 12/5, placing £6 on it. Elsewhere I’m going for another five-fold accumulator, with Spurs, Arsenal, Man City, Liverpool and Newcastle all needing to win.


West Ham to beat Sunderland and both teams to score: 12/5 - £6 returns £20.40

Arsenal, Man City, Spurs, Liverpool and Newcastle all to win: £4 returns £26.82


That's it. I've nothing left. Sunderland have made of me a pauper. Consecutive wagers on the club you love only pay off when you support a club that wins, it would seem. Whoddathunkit?

So with a heavy heart I must now do the unthinkable - bet against Sunderland. I've come to realise that if I bet on us to lose and we do so, I at least can get a few drinks in to assuage my fragile mind. If we win and I lose the bet, well, we won a match! Cause for celebration indeed! So I'm going to go beyond the boundaries of so - called "credit" and borrow from the bank. This is it, do or die time, West Ham to win by two goals or more, 20 quid. It'll be worth it, one way or the other.


West Ham to win by two or more goals: £20 - 7/5


I've won. Again. The comeback is well and truly on. And my new Sunderland bet strategy will continue. So West Ham to beat the lads at 4/6. A fiver on that will see me return £8.33. Steady increases...

My second bet will be Wycombe to beat Barnet, Plymouth to pick up an away win at Newport and finally Brentford to beat Barnsley, which will give me odds of 7.27/1.


West Ham to beat Sunderland: £5 - 4/6

Wycombe, Plymouth and Brentford to win: £5 - 7.27/1


I'm sick of betting on us now, like. I'm hemorrhaging money. It's not nice.

Over 2.5 goals in our game is evens, and I think I'll put a fiver on that. It's probably going to lose, but hey ho.

You know what.... F**K IT. I'm going shit or bust. Mags To beat Ipswich, £100 on it. I'm either going to be very rich or very skint by next week.


Sunderland v West Ham over 2.5 goals: £5 - Evens

Newcastle to win against Ipswich: £100 - 4/5


I'm having a good few days betting wise, winning a £200 six-fold acca midweek. Let's hope that luck continues!

I'm in the awkward position of not wanting to waste money by betting on Sunderland positively but not wanting to bet against them out of loyalty. West Ham to be winning at half time but the game to end in a draw is 14/1, which is feasible and not too negative. I'd rather be wrong and see us win the game, so I'll happily see this £5 bet be a loser.

My other bet this week is a double of two teams to win to nil. Everton travel to Turf Moor to face a Burnley side that have struggled to score goals while Ronald Koeman's men have been excellent at the back and devastating going forward. Similarly, Arsenal take on Middlesbrough at home and I fancy them to win comfortably without conceding as well. £5 on Everton & Arsenal to win to nil has a potential overall return of £22.91.


West Ham H/T, Draw at F/T: £5 - 14/1

Everton & Arsenal to win to nil: £5 returns £22.91


West Ham were struggling until recently and had joined us in the relegation zone but - as they are due to play us - they found a bit of form as they won away from home last week, against Crystal Palace. If there is any glimmer of hope it is that the Hammers have struggled to adapt to their new surroundings but I still can't see us winning just yet, so rather than taking a punt on a draw I will go with an old reliable.

Arsenal have been in blistering form of late, with 9 wins, two draws and 29 goals scored from their last 11 games. That form is an ominous sign for Boro, who have only picked up two points since their 2-1 win at the Stadium of Light in August. An Arsenal win looks to be a sure thing, so much so that it's not worth tipping them to win at 1/4 but having a punt on one of their in-form forwards to score two or more may be a good idea.


Jermain Defoe to be first goalscorer: 6/1 - £5

Alexis Sanchez to score two or more: 10/3 - £6


I’m going for a fivefold acca with this week’s first bet. And surely this one is a banker. The Mags should beat Ipswich, Roma should beat Palermo, Arsenal should beat Boro, Liverpool should beat West Brom, and Man City should beat Southampton. Knowing my luck, all five will lose.

There was a time not so long ago that I looked forward to Sunderland matches. These days I know that an embarrassing defeat will be followed up by a nonsensical email by Moyes. I’m not foolish enough to predict wins for Sunderland anymore. The height of my ambition is putting money on a hard-fought draw away at West Ham.


Sunderland & West Ham draw: £3 returns £11.25

Fivefold acca: £7 - £30.25

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