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OPINION: The Meltdown That Isn't Really A Meltdown

Saturday was disappointing but we have to move on, writes @DJRoberts22.

Stu Forster/Getty Images

It's time for a meltdown. A full on toys out of the pram, we're going down, meltdown.

Okay. It's actually not. However, I think we can all conclude Saturday was a bit like someone snatching a 99 out of your hand and stamping it on the floor. It was pretty horrific stuff. Where did it all go wrong, and what did we actually learn from an enthusiasm-draining afternoon in Leicester?

It actually started alright. We could have been two-nil up within the first ten minutes, with both Defoe and Rodwell squandering relatively decent chances. Then, after a well deserved summer holiday, the self destruct button was dusted down, pressed and our defence parted just like when Moses split the red sea. Fifteen glorious minutes later, we're 3-0 down.

In short, our defence was terrible. Van Aanholt seemed to be everywhere but at left back, Kaboul looked jaded and off-pace, Coates just couldn't cope with the pace and direct nature of Jamie Vardy and Billy Jones was found, well, I still don't even really know where he was.

Fortunately it was only match day one and I'm positive that things will only improve. In front of the back four we must protect them better, whilst the organisation of our back line needs some serious work.

Despite all of the negatives, we actually created and scored chances on Saturday - a slight positive.

Jermain Defoe looked sharp, finding space in dangerous areas of the pitch, much like the one Johnson found him in as he netted our first goal of the game. Jeremain Lens will get crosses into the box this season, affording our forwards perhaps more opportunities in front of goal than they had last season. We must take those slight positives into the Norwich game.

If we don't start brightly on Saturday our spirits must not drop. We are not the greatest - that's been well established - but glorifying that fact with moans and groans certainly won't produce a positive reaction on the pitch.

Changes need to be made to our game plan if we are to win on Saturday. Someone must step up and take leadership. It was evident there was no clear leader on the pitch against Leicester. John O'Shea may be the man for the job, especially if Yann M'Vila is still lacking in full fitness and doesn't feature.

One of Norwich's main weaknesses is their lack of pace all over the pitch, something they seem to share with us. Therefore, the inclusion of the slower O'Shea wouldn't see a repeat of the past atrocities against Palace and Villa.

Nullifying the impact of creative midfielder Wes Hoolihan is also important - he was arguably their best player against Crystal Palace. Despite their all round lack of pace, they do have Nathan Redmond, who came off the bench to show what a threat he can be to opposition defenders. With the Canaries looking for a positive result I expect him to start. It's up to our full backs to step up and ensure he has little to no involvement whatsoever in the game.

If we are capable of a more mature performance, stick to our game plan and settle into the game early on without any mistakes, we have a realistic opportunity of gaining three points. Big if.

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