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Dick Advocaat: What will he bring to Sunderland?

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We take a look at what past players under Advocaat regimes believe the Dutchman will bring to the club.

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As we all know, Dick Advocaat is the new manager of Sunderland and will lead the charge for Premiership safety.

With nine games remaining, he's tasked with the job to keep Sunderland outside the bottom three and in the top flight for a ninth successive year.

With vast experience in the game, he's a man highly regarded in the footballing world.

But just what will the Dutchman bring to Sunderland?

A number of players previously managed by Advocaat have had their say on both the appointment and his management skills, which has brought a positive, hopeful feeling for Sunderland fans eager for another seasonal new-manager-relegation-escape act.

"If somebody can do it, then he is the man," said former Netherlands and Chelsea goalkeeper, Ed De Goey.

After playing under Advocaat during his time as the Dutch national team manager, De Goey recalled: "He gives a kick up the backside. He is very straight in training, and he has got the fighting spirit all the time".

In a slightly less strict army-camp-like regime that saw Paulo Di Canio keep the club up two seasons ago, Dick's style will be a timely shake-up for the poor performing players, which lost 4-0 to Aston Villa on Saturday in embarrassing fashion.

The question that also arises is, can he be the man to actually bring a more desired look to future Sunderland performances?

Another former Dutchman, Arthur Numan, who played under ‘The Little General' at both club and international level, believes so.

"Dick will demand a good work ethic, not only in games, but he will expect the attitude and mentality every training session"

"If he thinks you are not giving 100 percent in training he will let you know, don't worry about that".

Former Nottingham Forest striker, Pierre Van Hooijdonk also joined in with that assertion of Advocaat, claiming that: "[H]e's a coach who can win the players over. I think, in the short period of time he has got at Sunderland, that is what is necessary."

With all this talk, admiration and belief of his abilities, Advocaat and his imposition of a high work rate in his players appears to be perfect match for the club, especially during another relegation battle, which we're all too used to.

As a set of fans, we demand commitment. We plea for the to lads put their all into every performance. You don't have to be the greatest footballer in the world, we just require the lads come out on that pitch in the red and white full of effort and desire.

That's what it means to be a Sunderland player. That's what we want, week in, week out.

If Dick Advocaat brings to the club the managerial traits his former players claim he will, then no doubt the club will have made the right appointment.