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Advocaat Had Been Waiting In The Wings

Dick Advocaat was lined up by Sunderland for a few weeks and was waiting for Gus Poyet's departure before taking over.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

After being appointed Sunderland's Head Coach until the end of the season, Dick Advocaat has revealed that he thought he would have been appointed sooner but had to wait for the club to remove Gus Poyet from the role.

When asked by a Dutch newspaper whether he had been waiting for Poyet to be fired, Advocaat replied;

Yes, only I would have thought that they would do it earlier, but they did not.

The 67-year-old then explained why Sunderland made the change and rejected rumours that a huge bonus was a factor in him taking the job;

Poyet was a coach who is very self-focused.

They're looking for someone with experience, who knows what the deal is. For this period, they dared not to take a risk with an inexperienced coach.

What have I got to lose? Nothing.

I really enjoy doing this and the salaries that I read, they are completely false. That was not important to me.

It has been thought that Advocaat won't be here next season, regardless of what happens, which the Dutchman believes will be the case;

Oh no, because from what I hear and read here, they are already looking at a younger coach. Ordinarily, I am only here for two months.

Although it appears his spell at the Stadium of Light will be a short one, he has enjoyed his time here so far and is looking forward to the challenge of keeping the team in the Premier League;

Actually, it's great.

You can already see how big the club is by the reception. Well organized.

The academy where they train is only five years old. It looks great. The stadium I have not seen, but it seems to be great.

Yes, the first two days were good.

Look, they have a stadium where 50,000 people in, with all the trimmings.

When you see the difference in what you get on TV rights if you are relegated, which is huge.

I have asked the players if they want to play in the Championship or does everyone want to play in the Premier League?

Advocaat also spoke about our current injury problems and said a couple of players will have to play at the weekend, despite not being able to train this week;

Look, basically we just have a decent team, if everyone is fit. But John O'Shea and Sebastian Larsson for instance, who have not trained this week, but will need to play Saturday because the group is quite small.

Then you have the derby against Newcastle United, so we hope that there are a few players back.