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PLAYER RATINGS: Sunderland 0 - 1 Liverpool - Not Good Enough

When will it end?

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images

Vito Mannone - 7

Vito was arguably our best player tonight, and credit to him considering he's been brought in out of the cold to replace Costel Pantilimon. His save to keep out Firmino from range was outstanding, as was the one right at the end when Cristian Benteke went through on goal. His distribution was good and bar a shaky moment where he flew out and missed a clearance he played well.

Patrick Van Aanholt - 6

Van Aanholt did alright tonight. You could see he was working hard and he did great going forward, almost assisting Fabio Borini with a goal in the first half but the shot dragged wide. Still though he gets caught up the pitch when he should probably be tracking the wide player, and was saved a number of times by Yann M'Vila tracking back to cover him. All in all, an improvement on his recent showings but still not brilliant

Wes Brown - 4

Although Brown dealt with the majority of the aerial challenges he had to face he was awful on the floor and I lost count of the amount of times he needlessly punted the ball forward or put one of his teammates under pressure with a bad pass. He's not played in some time and it showed. He'll probably have to play on Saturday, like. Gulp.

Seb Coates - 5

He wasn't much better than Brown if I'm honest. Before he went off he was sloppy in possession of the ball, as he always is, and alongside Brown he just didn't seem comfortable. Not sure how long he'll be out.

Billy Jones - 6

Again, Jones worked hard but sometimes you watch a player trying their hardest and you just feel they aren't good enough. Billy Jones is just that - not good enough. I'm not sure what he's meant to be good at.

Yann M'Vila - 7

He covered so much ground tonight and some of his last ditch tackling was superb. The lad is class, it's just a shame that others around him aren't on his level.

Lee Cattermole - 8

Outstanding, I thought. He had a couple of hairy moments where he was trying the wrong pass at the wrong time but overall it was a typical Cattermole performance. He never stopped working, never stopped instructing and, in the first half especially, he won almost everything he went in for.

Jack Rodwell - 3

Just what does he do? Injured again. Ten million quid down the pisser.

Fabio Borini - 7

Borini was really up for it tonight and thought he worked hard to get into decent positions around the Liverpool box. Probably should have scored when played in by Van Aanholt in the first half but generally speaking it was a good performance from him and more of the type of Fabio Borini showing that we were used to in his first spell at the club.

Adam Johnson - 1

Worst player on the pitch, by a country mile. He was slow, wasteful in possession, his set pieces were absolutely shocking and just didn't look up for it. The quickest he ran all night was when he was subbed off and had to leave the pitch.

Jermain Defoe - 7

Another player who worked hard. If he's going to score goals he's going to have to create his own chances because, unfortunately for him, the creativity from his team mates just isn't there. Did well to get a shot off in the first half with his left foot, which tested Mignolet.


Duncan Watmore - 7

Another typical Watmore showing, really. Worked as hard as he could and if he lost the ball he tried his hardest to retain it. Just feel with him that he's maybe playing in the wrong situation - ideally you want a player like him playing when you're leading games, not when you're behind. Still, there's nothing he can do about that.

DeAndre Yedlin - 4

Not a massive fan of this lad if I'm honest. Another who does very little.

Jeremain Lens - 5

Probably as hard as I've seen Lens work but it all seemed a bit much. He was rash in the tackle and kept losing the ball at times when it made more sense to play a simple pass.

Man Of The Match - Lee Cattermole

We've really missed him in recent weeks, and I feel that had he not played today it would have been another one of those games where we just weren't in it. His presence on the pitch makes the other players work that bit harder and if we are to have any chance of staying up this season he needs to stay fit.

Agree? Disagree? Leave your comments below.

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