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FAN FOCUS: Daniel Morehead Talks Man City v Sunderland

This week's opposition fan is Dan Morehead, who writes for the official Manchester City programme. Speaking of which, make sure you pick up a copy of the matchday magazine if you're headed to the game as Dan's Q&A with our very own @GHSAFC91 will be featured.

Head over to to see more of what Dan does.

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So, the season so far - disappointing, or about where you expected to be?

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag so far, but we're still in the mix for all four trophies. Turning around the Champions League group to not only qualify, but top it on the last day was phenomenal and gives us a chance to progress further than we have previously. In the Premier League we've struggled without Kompany and we can't continue defending like we are currently yet expect to win it.

It’s almost impossible to get away from the rumours that Pep Guardiola is headed to your club in the summer upon the expiration of his contract with Bayern Munich. Is that something you welcome or do you think that he’d be the wrong fit for the club (considering the players he’d have at his disposal and the style of play he likes his teams to employ)?

I think this has been the plan for a long, long time. From the academy, through to the board, the setup seems focused on Pep’s eventual arrival. It would be the next step for the club, not just for the first team, but for a real culture change on producing our own players, which is the long term plan.

Be honest – do you view Leicester as proper competition for the title, or do you expect them to eventually fall away?

If we don't win it, I would absolutely love Leicester to do it. It wasn't too long ago that we were fighting relegation, so for the Leicester fans to experience what we have would be great. Fans who have experienced the lows of football appreciate the highs so much more.

I'm not sure they can sustain this level of form if injuries hit, but they do have some quality in reserve that have barely been called on (Inler, I'm looking at you).

What you lads need after that Arsenal defeat is a home game against Sunderland….

It sounds like we're nearly back to full strength, with Kompany and Zabaleta possibly returning - a Christmas miracle.

Jack Rodwell – please try and explain to me how you managed to get ten million quid for him off of us?!

We don't usually get great prices for our players, so we're as confused as you are.

What are your memories of games against Sunderland in the past?

The one that obviously sticks out is the League Cup final. I drove down with a Sunderland fan and at half time he was texting me to say he might have to stay in London to celebrate.

Who do you think is the biggest threat to Sunderland in the Manchester City team ahead of the game?

It's quite difficult to predict who will start. We're travelling to Leicester next and Pellegrini might take this chance to rest De Bruyne. With your injuries in the centre, we need Yaya to run the game.

Similarly, who in the Sunderland team do you think has the ability to cause problems on the day?

Watmore could exploit our flanks and Defoe can still finish when he gets a chance. We give away too many chances so will need to tighten up to stop the counter.

Our record against you lads in recent years isn’t all that bad. Do you think we’ve got a chance or do you see this as a nailed on three points?

Of course you've got a chance, you just need to look at the goals we've been conceding. We need to win to get back on track and with your injury/suspension issues we can't afford to drop points, especially at home.

Finally – a score prediction, please?

Manchester City 3-1 Sunderland.

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