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Stats: Duncan's Impact In Numbers

Brian Cummins investigates the impact of Duncan Watmore this season.

Now that young Duncan has some minutes under his belt, catching the eye in the process, it would be good time to try and measure his impact.

So lets get the disclaimer out of the way. They're stats. They should be used as a guide to help form an opinion. They rarely tell the full story. For instance; Duncan has only started 1 league game. So most of his stats have been picked up while taking the game to tiring defenders. You need to consider the unknown quantity he is to opposing players and that his team mates have picked up most of their minutes as starters. Bare this in mind as you draw your opinion.

Due to the differences in game time, to formulate these stats I've applied the Per 90 Metric system which ignores games played and focuses on the minutes, which in turn results in an average 90 minutes. So whether a player has played 2000 minutes or just 200 you can still produce a reasonably fair comparison.  These stats apply to the only competition which matters; The Premier League.


First thing to point out is that our attacking impetuous has improved this season. Even though we have no run away goal scorers we are scoring more goals, up on the 3 seasons prior.

As we can see Duncan's two goals this season has put him top averaging 0.74 goals per-90.

Shot Accuracy

Again Duncan takes top spot. What's reassuring is that both Defoe and Fletcher hit the target more often than not.

Some interesting stats to go with this image as Duncan has had just 4 shots this season, all have hit the target 2 of which resulted in goals. Which overall means he's scored with half of his strikes on goal. Clinical.

Successful Take Ons

The first thing to point out is that as you'd expect, Steven Fletcher has not scored well here. As a back to goal forward you wouldn't expect him to score high.

Duncan takes top spot again with an outstanding 3.69 successful take ons on average per-90. His natural game of drifting into space gives defenders one of the worst decisions they have to make. Do I go with him? Generally a disciplined defender will choose to keep the shape with 'Zonal' being the most used system of marking in the League. Duncan, as an unknown quantity has utilised this space excellently allowing him time and time again to face goal with the ball and run at these tiring defenders. It's a tactic Big Sam has picked up on very early and probably why he's resisted the temptation to start Watmore more often.

This will inevitably become one of the first walls Duncan will have to hit in his early Premier League career. All eyes are on him and it won't be long before Managers and defenders become a bit more 'Watmore savvy' getting closer to him to prevent him turning. It's down to his team mates to utilise the space and men sacrificed by opponents as they attempt to stunt the threat of Watmore.

Chances Created

This is the Premier League, while goals are expected to come from everywhere, so are the chances. Johnson takes top spot here, and though his successful take ons averge was too poor to warrant inclusion in the last stat, he remains our most prolific chance creator by quite a way. Due to most of his game time coming from the bench, and Lens as another direct option, it's clear that Allardyce intends to use the final third of games to wreak havoc with his counter attacking system.

He's not just a goal threat. Duncan competes adequately with his teammates showing he is a fantastic versatile forward who can contribute right across the attacking line. He can play left, right or central, comfortable cutting in or slipping round the outside.

I think we can all agree Watmore has had a fantastic impact since breaking the first team this season. The big question being raised is should he be starting?  Duncan could find the step up to starting regularly against fresh, world class defenders(view our up coming fixture list) very difficult so soon. I'm of the opinion that Big Sam is utilising Watmore both for the best for the player and for the team.  So more of the same please!

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