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Will Big Sam Really Sell Defoe?

Press reports suggest Allardyce is open to moving on our top striker. Is there truth in the headlines?

Clive Rose/Getty Images

So, Sam Allardyce is open to selling Jermain Defoe according to the press headlines this week.  However, let's look at what he actually said:

"At the end of the day, whatever happens, happens. If I ring an opposition manager or football club and I want one of their players, what determines if that player is available or isn't available changes day by day. There's no definite players that we know of going out from here. In terms of a specific player, we don't know. At this moment in time, we don't know a definite player who is coming in, because we're just starting to pull up who we think might be available."

Newspapers have to be sold and headline writers need to draw readers in but it does all rather feel like click bait to me.  I wasn't there at the press conference admittedly, however you can well imagine the interview went something like this - journalist: "Will Defoe be sold in January?" Big Sam answers with the passage above. The subsequent headline then reads "Allardyce refuses to rule out selling Defoe". It's writing a story to suit a narrative and agenda that has already been set.

When you read the quote in full it's clear that Big Sam is pragmatic and frankly experienced enough to know that it's not just Defoe that could move in January but any player - this just doesn't apply to our potent goalscorer nor should it.

However the most significant part of Sam's comment is "There's no definite players that we know of going out from here". But than that isn't going to sell papers is it?

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