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Reported Sunderland Target Hoping For Summer Switch

Looks like we can forget about Virgil van Dijk - for now.

EuroFootball/Getty Images

Reported Sunderland target Virgil van Dijk does not expect to move from Celtic this month, but has admitted a summer move would 'boost his career'.

The Dutch centre told The Herald:

You never know in football, but for now Celtic will not co-operate with a departure in this transfer period.

It would be a boost for my career if I could make a step up, but I have no problem if I remain a little longer in Scotland. Perhaps in the summer something happens.

We are not going to blather on about everything every 'reported' target says and does because we'd be here all day, but Van Dijk is certainly worth a little coverage.

He is someone Gus Poyet has tried to buy before, when he was at Brighton, so it's clear he's a player he rates. Sunderland are also known to be searching for Wes Brown's long-term successor, and Poyet himself has admitted talks with Celtic over him before.

Point is, though, it doesn't look like it's a goer this month, so he's one we can probably cross off the list for now.

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