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Sunderland Look To Striker Swap To Solve Scoring Woes?

Will Sunderland look to a long-rumoured transfer target to fill the goalscoring void?

Jag Gundu/Getty Images

Sunderland are reportedly exploring the possibility of a striker swap with Toronto FC that would see Jozy Altidore depart in exchange for Jermain Defoe.

The report originally came from TSN Canada, but has since been jumped on by the likes of the Toronto Sun and other publications across the pond.

In many ways, it's a story that makes an awful lot of sense. Toronto have publicly admitted interest in Altidore whilst Defoe has let it be well-known through various contacts in the media that he is keen to return to the Premier League. Sunderland, of course, are also desperate for a proven Premier League goalscorer.

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Whether such a deal could happen is far less clear. Defoe won't be cheap in terms of wages, and there is sure to be strong differences in opinion from the two clubs regarding the respective players' values, particularly given Altidore's commercial value to the MLS.

There is also a perception of Defoe that he'd not consider moving to the north east, but he moved to Canada so there is no reason to think he wouldn't. Money would likely be a greater obstacle, and Defoe would probably prefer to extincguish his options further up the table first.

It's an interesting story, and one to may be keep an eye on as January develops.

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