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Fan Focus: Birmingham City Babbling With Often Partizan's @Almajir

It's time for that thingie we do where we seek out a fan of the team we are about to play and get their take on how things are going. Today I spoke to Daniel, otherwise known as Almajir, the innovator of 'Often Partizan'. He's got an interesting sounding book out soon titled 'Haircuts and League Cups', so keep an eye out for that.

Mark Thompson

So, Lee Clark… I’m not sure how much you know about his history with our club, but he’s nailed on to get dog's abuse from our fans tonight. Do the Birmingham fans like him?

The infamous t-shirt - I don't think I'd have forgotten that either. I don't think many fans necessarily *like* Clark - many thought he should have been sacked for our incredibly bad home form last season but the truth is we can't afford to.

He's passionate, he cares - but he's erratic and his decisions infuriate and frustrate. He got pelters at the end of the Brentford game on Saturday for his subs.

It took a late goal from Paul Caddis to keep the club in the Championship last season. How tough was it watching your side struggle? Is it harder to take, knowing a matter of years ago you were playing in the top flight and won the League Cup?

We're Birmingham City; if Bruce Springsteen wrote an album about us it would be called "Born to Struggle".

Yes, it was tough considering just a couple of years ago I'd been watching us in Europe and at Wembley - but I think many of the older fans remember the tough times in the late eighties and early nineties and remind themselves that us doing well is the unusual bit and this is the norm. Maybe when we finally get a change of ownership things will improve.

On that note – you won the League Cup back in 2011, and we got to the final last season, so it’s a tournament close to the hearts of both sets of fans. It’s often said that cup competitions aren’t important anymore – do you think you lads will take it seriously tonight, or can you see Birmingham fielding a weakened team?

I think Clark will change a few players - Colin Doyle will get his customary cup game and maybe a couple of fringe players will get a run but extra money in the coffers from a cup run will be welcomed - hopefully, it will be remembered we took out Swansea last year who fielded a weakened team. I think many fans are expecting a heavy defeat though.

It’s likely that Sebastian Larsson will play some part in the game tonight, a player we signed after his contract ran out as a Birmingham City player. Is Seb fondly remembered by Blues fans?

He's certainly fondly remembered by me - I thought he was one of our most consistent players in his time with us and I'm glad to see he's managed to show he's a Premier League player with you guys. I expect he'll get a round of applause tonight before kick off.

Birmingham have started the season fairly well and have five points from four games. Do you foresee another season of struggle? What would be an acceptable season from the fans perspective?

I do - we should have won both games we drew and I worry it will come back and bite us as injuries start to kick in.

We have a squad made up of players we've picked up from Scotland and League One and I think it will tell. Staying up is the aim - hopefully securing our safety a bit sooner this season than the last campaign.

It’s been a while since I was last at your ground – it’s coming up to its 110th year in 2016 and, last time that I was there, it felt like it was dropping to bits but I love the old stadiums with a bit of rustic beauty. Can you describe the place in five words?

Dropping to bits? How rude!

We’re likely to make a handful of changes for tonight’s game but I’d expect it’ll be a strong side that Birmingham City will come up against. How do you see the game going?

I think you'll be all over us looking for goals; we'll have to probably try to soak things up and hit on the counter - which is to our advantage, really.

With the game in mind, who should we fear from the Birmingham City side? Who are your ‘dangermen’?

That is a tough question, as I'm not sure who will play. Clayton Donaldson looks useful to me as a striker, and if our teenage 'wonderkid' Reece Brown starts he can make an impact as he can pick a pass.

Finally, give us a score prediction.

Unfortunately, I'm going to say 2-0 to you boys.

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