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Gus On Why He Decided Against Signing His Son

Could Sunderland have signed Diego Poyet this summer following the expiration of his contract at Charlton Athletic?

Chris Brunskill

When Diego Poyet, Charlton Athletic's player of the season for 2013/2014, was signed by West Ham United on the 8th of July there were Sunderland fans who questioned why he didn't come here - afterall, his dad is our head coach.

It would seem that although there was a possibility of it happening, Poyet Snr decided against making a move as he values his father-son relationship with Diego more than he does a professional one.

Gus told the Daily Mirror:

"There was a family issue. I would love to coach him, but at the same time it would be unfair on him.

Do you think the players on the bench would accept it if I’m playing my son?"

There have been plenty of cases where managers have signed and played their sons to varied success - infact, two current Premier League clubs have father and son combinations going on amongst their ranks.

Alex Bruce was largely a backup player at various Championship clubs before his dad rescued him at Hull City, featuring last weekend away to Queens Park Rangers. Nigel Pearson raised eyebrows when he signed his son James upon taking the reigns in his second spell as Leicester City manager - to James' credit, he unleashed this thronker in a pre-season game against MK Dons a few weeks back. Nice.

It's a shame - Diego is obviously a very talented midfielder and, at nineteen years old, has plenty of miles left on the clock and would benefit hugely from having his dad guide him through his development. That said, some things are better left alone.

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