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VIDEO! New Sunderland Signing In Action

Ok, YouTube scouts... we know you're out there and we are here for you.

Mike Hewitt

Will Buckley is not the biggest name Sunderland will sign this summer, but he is perhaps the most intriguing one to fans, or should be. That's because he's a player who found blistering form under Gus Poyet before, sufficiently to be described as "a £10m player" by the Uruguayan, yet lost his way quite remarkably the second a new manager came in.

That raises far more questions than answers. Primarily, just which is the real Buckley? The swashbuckling winger in Poyet's Brighton team or the struggling passenger in Oscar Garcia's?

Anyway, for a taster of what Buckley was like under Poyet before, give the video below a little click.

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