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PICTURES: What If Every Sunderland Player Grew An Afro?

It's a long summer with not much to do, so we shouldn't put this crucial issue off any longer.

It's a pressing issue and don't even try to pretend it's not one you've spent time pondering at length. What if every Sunderland player decided to grow an afro? Just how would that look?

Fear not, for we are here for you. Enjoy. (Pictures courtesy of @sozmarra)


LEE LEE LEE, etc. Still magnificent. Bravo. Whether or not Cattermole has compromised a little of his powers of intimidation would, I'd suggest, depend on just how frightened you are of afros. It's a personal judgement call.


It's kinda creepy just how much Emanuele Giaccherini suits an afro. A small and reasonably awkward looking fair-haired Italian probably shouldn't be able to pull off this look with quite this panache.


This is definitely a style that Gus Poyet should consider before Sunderland's natural talent for torment forces him to pull all of his hair out. He's bossing it.


Charlie Oatway would probably be happy to just have any kind of hairstyle option open to him at all, right? May be not, actually, looking at this.


For the ultra curious amongst us, here is the full squad picture. You can see a full size version by CLICKING HERE and we'd highly recommend you do. It could seriously change your life. Thank us later.

A couple of zoomed in personal highlights, though...


There is something seriously horrifying about Adam Johnson here. It may not be singularly the afro, but it's a look that will freeze your heart and haunt your very soul.


Vito is a bit Screech-tastic here. He is probably just about pulling it off, but it's a close run thing. I doubt you'd let him date your daughter turning up looking like this, which would be a shame.


Let's not beat around the bush here: Steven Fletcher looks like a Crimewatch suspect photofit and the offence he would have committed would surely have been a rather savage one.


For a man who can pull off sitting in the bath wearing hat whilst eating a bowl of cereal, an afro holds no fears. Not a Sunderland player any more, but we salute you and your madcap ways, Ondrej Celustka.

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