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HA'WAY THE LASSES! Table-Topping(ish) Ladies Set To Resume Campaign

The Lasses are back, and they are doing rather well.


It feels like an absolute age since the end of the season with that mad and utterly inexplicable dash to Premier League survival.

Perhaps that's because so much has happened in that time. Gus Poyet and Seb Larsson have signed new contracts, whilst a plethora of players including Jack Colback (boooo, hisssssss, etc), Phil Bardsley and Craig Gardner have buggered off. Three new signings have already arrived, we have a new away kit, a new fixtures list, and words from a new Sporting Director. All that is without all this brilliant World Cup business too!

But if you're missing your Sunderland AFC fix, and who wouldn't, then all is not lost.

Sunderland AFC Ladies are set to resume their season this weekend with a home game against Yoevil Town FC Ladies at the Hetton Centre. Mick Mulhern's mackem lasses are joint-top with 15 points from their first 5 games and will no-doubt fancy their chances again in this one.

Anyway, we don't really have the resources to cover the Ladies team, but it's worth keeping an eye on now they are firmly under the umbrella of the club. You can preview the game, as well as the family fun day which surrounds it this weekend, by CLICKING HERE and keep up to date with all things Women's Super League with a Sunderland slant HERE.

Personally, I kind of like how the Sunderland women's team are not, you know, total rubbish and stuff. The only chance we got to say "table-topping" with the men is generally that disciplinary table where it counts all the red cards and stuff.

Anyway, there you go. Venture forth and support the lasses.

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