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No Further Action Over Ji Technicality

The 'Ji situation' as it is annoyingly becoming known is closed and there will be no further punishment.

Tim Keeton

Sunderland will NOT face further sanctions after fielding Ji Dong-won despite a clerical error relating to the player's eligibility, despite fresh reports of a legal challenge from rival clubs.

It's a total non-story really, and we don't want to give it any more attention than we have to really, so we'll just sum up the salient points:

  • Ji Dong-won was ALWAYS correctly registered to play for Sunderland and properly listed on the squad-list to play this season.
  • A potential problem was flagged when Ji's name did not appear on a FIFA list relating to doping purposes.
  • It was Sunderland who discovered it and brought the matter to the Premier League's attention.
  • Upon investigation, it was discovered a technical fault had occurred with an online form relating to international clearance following Ji's loan spell in Germany that had prevented it from being correctly submitted.
  • A fine was levied as an appropriate punishment in accordance with Premier League rules and in light of the club's honesty in dealing with the matter.

That really should be the end of it all. The player was registered and whatever clerical error did occur has been dealt with within the Premier League rules that all the clubs agreed to adhere to.

There is absolutely nothing to worry about.

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