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Agent: No Sunderland Offer For Borini; Player To Stay At Liverpool

You can't shut football agents up in the summer. Here is the latest to pick the bones out of.

Paul Thomas


Sunderland have not made an offer for Fabio Borini and the striker is expecting to stay at Liverpool next season, according to the player's agent.

Since a successful loan spell last season, rumours have been rife the the Italian was already the subject of a big money bid from Sunderland to retain his services, said to be in the region of £8million. That is not the case, insists Marco De Marchi. He is quoted in the Gazzetta dello Sport:

I've read about an offer from Sunderland. I don't think they have made one to Liverpool. There is interest [in Borini], but it's not limited to them.

There have been enquiries from clubs in several countries.

I haven't spoken to Brendan Rodgers, but he has said Fabio will be one of his attackers. He is tied to Liverpool for another two years.

It's always amazing how forthcoming with information agents are in transfer windows, isn't it. What they don't say is usually more telling than than what they do, though.

In this case, you can bet your bottom dollar that if Sunderland had made an offer, we'd be hearing about it from him. But with the season just finished, Gus Poyet just back from a week's holiday and his own future still to be definitively sorted out, I'm not sure Sunderland will be trying to throw money around just yet this summer.

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