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Hero N'Diaye Speaks After Rescue Act

What happened to Alfred N'Diaye at Osasuna this weekend, in his own words.

Scott Heavey


Sunderland midfielder Alfred N'Diaye has spoken of his part in the amazing scenes in Pamplona this weekend.

The on-loan Frenchman was involved for Real Betis as they brought their season to an end away at Osasuna when, in the 11th minute, a barrier collapsed in the crowd spilling endangered fans onto the pitch.

Thankfully, only minor injuries were sustained, but N'Diaye made the headlines by being pictured entering the scene and emerging with a distressed child in his arms carrying him to safety.

N'Diaye recounted the astonishing story to L'Equipe:

Osasuna had just scored. People were celebrating the goal, there was a stampede to the front and the metal barrier dropped. It was amazing because even though it is not a big stand it is very vertical.

And there, I saw people on each other. I do not know how, maybe a few dozen. It was shocking.

I went to see if everyone was okay. I saw a little one who was not well. There were not enough rescuers so my teammates and I, we tried to help. In those moments, you do not think football.

I just saw the pictures, and we see that is a little panicked. But hey, you're relieved that there were no deaths and only minor injuries.

How can you not love big Alfred N'Diaye? I was rooting for him to get another chance at Sunderland anyway this summer, but now it will be like having a superhero in the ranks.

Bring Alf home, Sunderland. Bring Alf home.

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