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2013/14 Review: Magic Moment Of The Season

What was the most memorable moment of a memorable Sunderland campaign?

Jamie McDonald


With the most bonkers season in memory finished, we're a bit knackered. We are not quite ready to put it to bed quite yet, though.

We asked our writers five questions about the campaign, and we'll publish the responses to one question a day through this week.

Yesterday, we discussed goal of the season. Today, it's the magic moment.

Michael Graham

How could it not be Fabio Borini's goal in the Capital One Cup final? It's not as if these things come along often for us. The feeling as that ball hit the net was immense. It was pride, belief and sheer exhilaration.

Massive shame that, in the end, it counted for little, but it was a moment I'll take to the grave with me.

Craig Clark

Not just beating the Mags on their patch again, but really rubbing it in. It meant we'd done the double over them. It was our third win in a row against them. Jozy played like Pele and we got to sing about Wembley while the Lads repeated last season's 0-3 drubbing. As Gus might say, "nice".

Gareth Barker

Phil Bardsley at Old Trafford - Absolute bedlam. An 'I was there' moment. I kissed and hugged many people in that minute of ecstasy and I didn't even know half of them. A man ended up in the seats in front of me, naked, upside down, passed out. He woke up and started celebrating again. What a moment.

Chris Weatherspoon

After 119 minutes of a tense evening under the Old Trafford lights, Sunderland's extended stay in this season's Capital One Cup looks close to end. Plucky to the last, they cannot find a way past the former champions - David Moyes, maligned in Mancunia, is mere seconds away from a shot at silverware. And then it happened.

Met, again, with a wall of red shirts blocking the path to goal, Sunderland have nowhere to go but sideways. This time, though, Phil Bardsley has found some room. He collects Ki's pass, lines up a shot, firing it straight to David De Gea's palms. The Spaniard fumbles. The net bulges.

Behind it, 9,000 Sunderland fans erupt into a cacophony of noise and limbs; euphoria. No matter that Javier Hernandez sent the tie to penalties some 90 seconds later, this was heaven. This was joy untold and the shock of the unexpected. This was football, and I've never loved it more.

Stephen Goldsmith

When Fabio Borini chased onto a hopeful Adam Johnson ball in the League Cup final, I'm not sure many of us knew what was to follow. When the side of the net bulged out, the feeling of pride, elation and ecstasy will probably only ever be beaten if we ever win something.

Luke Bowley

Jozy Altidore coming on at Stamford Bridge and winning a penalty entirely by accident, saving our season in the process. I literally can't think of a better way to stay up than that.

Nick Holden

Fabio Borini's goal at Wembley. Not only was it a beautifully executed goal, but it just meant so so much. I, and everyone I spoke to before the game, was simply hoping that we'd turn up and do ourselves proud. And boy did we, turning in a brilliant first half performance where we were comfortably the best side on the pitch.

But to actually be able to celebrate a Sunderland goal (and one that put us in the lead!) in a Wembley final was a moment beyond my wildest dreams. The euphoria of the moment was incredible - the magic moment of my entire football supporting life, not just this season.

So Fabio Borini at Wembley, understandably, shades our writer's vote but Phil Bardsley at Old Trafford is another which obviously struck an emotive chord. It's been some season.

Feel free to tell us your magic moment of the season via Twitter (@RokerReport) or in the comments section below!

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