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Roker Riches: Betting Tips For White Hart Lane

It's another Monday night match and, I suppose it's also another 'must-win' game technically, but seen as no-one expects us to win this one, or stay up, we can relax a bit and just enjoy the inherently amusing figure of Tim Sherwood on the touchline.

Paul Gilham
Pundit Last Week's Profit/Loss Current Balance
Stephen Goldsmith N/A £69.00
Simon Walsh -£4.00 £64.00
Luke Bowley N/A £49.00
Dave Boyle N/A £30.00
Karl Jones N/A £0
Nick Holden -£4.00 -£0.62
Craig Clark -£3.00 -£9.70

Stephen Goldsmith's tactic of not putting any bets on till the end of the season continues to work, as his faith in the poor performance of the rest of us continues to be just. Everyone who made a bet last week lost money, so let's forget about it, and move onto this weekend.

Simon Walsh

I've seen Stephen's tactics here and while I'm not going to stoop as low as not betting, I am going to go conservative. There. I said it.

This coming Monday against Spurs it's going to be nothing but more misery on Wearside as another nail is driven into our coffin. Tottenham are going to have a relatively easy time of things and will beat us well.

Elsewhere I'm going for wins for some teams in red and white: Ajax, Bilbao and Atletico Madrid.

  • Tottenham to beat Sunderland -1 goals - Evs - £3 Stake
  • Ajax, Bilbao and Atletico Madrid all to win - 5/1 - £2 Stake

Luke Bowley

God I hope we lose this one. In all seriousness, winning is the worst thing this shower of a squad could do, because we all know they wouldn't have the attitude to take it into the rest of the season and win our remaining home games. They would simply be raising our hopes, knowing they didn't have a chance in staying up. Tottenham will win though, because we're terrible.

Elsewhere I'm going for Swindon to beat Carlisle.

  • Tottenham to beat Sunderland by two goals - 19/5 - £3 stake
  • Swindon to beat Carlisle - 6/4 - £15 stake

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