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Sunderland Declare Ji Issue Closed

See below for an update on the Ji Dong-won situation that certain newspapers can't seem to stop banging on about.

Stu Forster

Sunderland have issued an official statement regarding the recent press reports surrounding the 'controversy' of the clerical error that saw Ji Dong-won play for the club without a valid international transfer certificate.

The issue of Ji Dong won was explained in detail at today's Premier League shareholders meeting and no issues were raised by any club.

Sunderland AFC confirmed that they had complied with all procedures and the Premier League stated that the player was duly registered on the extranet system and in all other Premier League mechanisms. 

The club has never accepted any wrongdoing, but did acknowledge that a technical fault occurred and as such were fined by the Premier League accordingly in December.

The matter is now closed.

It is also worth nothing that MK Dons, one of the clubs Ji played against, have also issued a statement insisting they consider it dealt with.

I wonder what provoked all this Ji nonsense? Does anyone know if we've annoyed a newspaper or anything lately...?

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