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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 32 - To Three Or Not To Three?

Ok, we're playing rubbish, but that makes the Wise Men Say podcast better at times. If you're red 'n white then get amongst it and listen to the inquest!

Jan Kruger

Listening to people  moan about Sunderland may not be everybody's cup of tea. I'm guilty myself of often sticking my sulking head right into the sand and avoiding any match reports or opinion pieces should we lose. I let loose with a bit of a rant on here the other day, I've since felt a tad guilty about singling out individuals like Seb Larsson and Craig Gardner, but, essentially, it was just a rant; just a vent of frustration and there was points very worthy of debate in there, I feel.

The time for that sort of inquest can come fully in the summer, I guess. What I would say about this week's pod is that despite the doom and gloom around Wearside at present, the content is probably the best we've had in a while. I really would urge people to listen.

The always eloquent Kristan Heneage from ESPN popped in to the studio, while former black cat and current Whitby Town manager Darren Williams made an excellent contribution on the phone. Darren doesn't hold back on the three centre halves debate, and we all emphatically agree that Adam Johnson should have played. Who doesn't think that though?

The Spurs guest is excellent, too. When we had Nigel Kahn on last week telling us how much he hated Sam Allardyce it was hilarious. He spoke from the heart and many of you were very complimentary about his input on the show. Jack Hussey displayed his dislike for Tim Sherwood this week and backed it up with very logical and reasoned arguments. I may start vetting our future guests to make sure they can rant about their managers sufficiently before they come on.

Jack has his own YouTube channel that mixes comedy and football.He also hosts his own podcast called Rule The Roost. Kristan recommended that we all go check it having have seen it himself.

As for the pod, well get on iTunes here or listen below. Do it. Do it now!

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