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Live Coverage Of Spurs Vs Sunderland With Wise Men Say! Join Us!

Get involved on Roker Report! We'll be hosting a live Fandio event for the crucial game away to Tottenham. We'll be covering the game live and you can get involved. "How?!" I hear you scream. Well, read on to find out...

Scott Heavey

If you fancy something a bit different when you tune in to the match on Monday night, then why not head on over to Roker Report and get involved with Wise Men Say's live coverage of the game!

Using the Fandio application, we'll be hosting a room in which we'll provide live audio coverage. Join us for a bit of pre-match chat, thoughts, opinion, 'analysis' and most importantly some top quality #bantz (Sarcasm Alert). It'll be a bit like the podcast itself really, but during a match. What's not to like? Apart from most of it?

The great thing about Fandio is that you can get involved too. There's a chat room for discussion, and if we like what you've got to say or if you've got a point to make, then we can even bring you into the coverage with us. You need a microphone, obviously! If you want to know how to get involved, follow the simple walk through video below.

Joining myself and Stephen will be our own Craig Clark. Who knows how it'll go. If it's good, we'll do it again sometime. If it's bad, we'll be in the Wear.

Keep an eye out on Roker Report for further details on how to get involved come match day.

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