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Quick Kicks: Prophetic Poyet; The Real Giaccherini

A few quick points for discussion from the game against Cardiff City.

Mark Runnacles

Prophetic Poyet

We all know that managers succeed or fail on their decisions, and Poyet got a lot of those wrong in the month after the League Cup final. However, there was one during that time, from March 25th, that it's only fair to remember:

It's about searching for a solution and it could be Connor Wickham.

I would like Connor to look at this as though we have just signed him for the first time. He's a new player, nobody knows him, and he's a young English striker with incredible powers. He's coming to help us get away from relegation. If he has that impact, that will be fantastic. It will be the 'bang' we need.

If Sunderland go on to complete a 'miracle' escape, those words from Poyet will surely go down in Sunderland folklore. Wickham has dragged us out of the relegation zone and to the very brink of survival.

One win away?

If Sunderland can nab one more win this season, then it may well just be enough. Given the goal difference it would take a special effort from someone to deny us survival. One of the following would have to happen:

  • Fulham would have to record two wins on the bounce, one away at Stoke who have lost just three times at home all season.
  • Norwich would have to take a minimum of four points from games against Chelsea (A) and Arsenal (H).
  • Cardiff would need to win both of their games, including a final day home clash with Chelsea.

It's never quite that simple with Sunderland, of course, and there are no chickens being counted here. We absolutely need a win and the sooner the better, and then preferably another win after that. Let's not mess about now watching other results. Our destiny is firmly in our hands.

That said, the pressure on Fulham, Norwich and Cardiff will be immense this weekend. All play away from home and, even if we lose to Manchester United, all three know that a midweek win for Sunderland will relegate them.

Knowing our luck, all three will win this weekend! Just win two games, Sunderland.

The real Giaccherini?

You cant help but feel that in recent weeks we have started to see the real Emanuele Giaccherini. When you sign a current Italian international from Juventus, you know he can't be as 'meh' as he has shown for much of the season.

Twice in the last three games Giaccherini has come off the bench to be directly involved in two goals. He has five goals and four assists on the season which, whisper it very quietly, is more than Stephane Sessegnon has produced for West Bromwich Albion and in less games to boot.

His goal against Cardiff looked simple but a precision first-time finish on the run and with your weaker foot just drips with quality. He really is starting to show what a lovely little footballer he is.

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