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José: Ramires Lucky Cattermole Didn't Break His Leg!

Everybody hates Chelsea, apparently.

The angelic Ramires in action.
The angelic Ramires in action.
Jamie McDonald

José Mourinho has accepted that Ramires was 'lucky' to escape with just a retrospective ban for his elbow on Sunderland midfielder Seb Larsson last week, but not without first having a typically tantrum-tastic dig at just about everyone else.

Speaking ahead of the his side's trip to Liverpool, Mourinho whinged:

[Ramires] is a lucky guy.

He is a lucky guy because in one minute, or less than a minute – in a few seconds, he was lucky Cattermole didn’t break his leg, lucky Larsson didn’t break his Achilles from behind, and he is lucky he only got a four-game suspension.

He is a lucky guy. We accept the charge because we are happy with it.

Okay José, if you say so.

I kind of thought Mourinho's grump at the the result last week might have abated by now given they have a Champions League semi final to prepare for and a Premier League title to fight for (if they want to), but alas it seems the special one has become little more than the sulky one.

Ah well.

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