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Relegation - What Would Be The Cost?

Numbers are fun - sometimes. Other times they just scare you.

Ian Walton

We all have our fingers crossed for Sunday and beyond, but what would the actual ramifications of relegation be? I suppose time will tell, but history doesn't offer any cause for encouragement. has compiled a study looking at the performance, both financial and footballing, of every club who have dropped out of the Premier League in the last ten years. It makes for humbling reading.

You can see the full set of figures by CLICKING HERE, but the key findings are:

  • Income will drop on average £20m per year - also, bear in mind this is without taking the new TV deal into account.
  • Average gates drop on average by 4,265.
  • There is a 50% chance of not coming back within the allotted time span and a 30% chance of suffering subsequent relegation
  • The average time it takes to return to the Premier League is 4 years.

Keep everything you have crossed, basically.

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