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Wise Men Say: Just When We Thought We Were Out...


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Mike Hewitt

Well. Yet another mental week in the world of Sunderland AFC. A few of us had joked that we'd probably go and take 4 points from Manchester City and Chelsea and lose at home to Cardiff. That would be textbook Sunderland. I put the emphasis on joked, there. I never in the world expected us to go away from home in those two games and come away with any points in the bag. Even the most enthusiastic optimist was probably admitting defeat to relegation just over a week ago.

So here we are again. Never look a gift horse in the mouth, they say. If you're a Geordie especially. The overriding sensation to batter it might but too much (#bantz). But on Sunday we must grab this opportunity with both hands. Now I'm not trying to disrespect Cardiff, they are by no means the horse in question. I'm talking about the situation. It's an opportunity to put ourselves within touching distance of safety. Again. Just how many more opportunities are we going to get at this late stage of the season?

Fact of the matter is we've had plenty of chances to get out of this mess. That's what makes it all so frustrating. How can this side play like they have done in the last three games and be so abject when it really counted in games against the teams around us? It makes no logical sense. You find yourself enjoying the games like the ones at The Etihad and Stamford Bridge, along with a healthy side order of 'Why?' Why couldn't we have done this before? Why leave it this late in the day? Why remove all hope then return it a fortnight later in spades?

It makes me tear my hair out. I'm sure Stephen would tear his out too, if he could...

You find yourself asking the question over and over again with Sunderland - Would you have it any other way? You know, probably not. I've no idea why. I guess in a way the disembowelling lows make the rare and borderline erotic highs all the more worthwhile. It gets boring if you win every week, doesn't it? Nope, not convincing myself either.

Speaking of the borderline erotic, the new edition of Wise Men Say will be available as usual on Friday, via Roker Report. If you already Subscribe on iTunes or Soundcloud, it'll be there too. If you don't, then what are you waiting for you silly billy?

We'll be joined on the line by Sky Sports presenter, David Jones. He's a massive lads fan anarl. We also have Sunderland Echo journalist Chris Young in the studio to help us out, which is nice. We may have some more guests, wait and see.

Expect rousing, emotional battle cries from us all. It would be great to see the Stadium of Light bouncing with encouragement and positivity on Sunday at noon. Yes, the lads have let us down plenty of times this season. But remember, most of this team will be long gone come August. But we won't. The club we love won't either. If you can afford to go along and back the lads, then do it.

We are Sunderland.

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