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COMPETITION! Win Two Tickets For Crunch Cardiff Clash

Your chance to be a part of the madness this weekend, on us.

Mike Hewitt

This Sunday's game with Cardiff City is, without question, the biggest we can remember in a very, VERY, long time for our club. It's not at Wembley, but it's definitely a cup final.

In the last week, the players and Gus Poyet have produced two incredible results on the road, taking four points from title-chasing Manchester City and Chelsea to wrestle control of the club's fate this season back into our own hands. Now it's time for the home crowd to do their part.

By packing out the Stadium of Light, showing our colours and getting firmly behind the lads, Sunderland fans have it in their power to be a huge positive influence on results. It doesn't always work out - that's football - but history tells us it can, and I have no doubt in my mind that when big hearts are truly required, Sunderland supporters will shine like none other. We always have.

We are offering you the chance to be part of that by giving away two tickets to one lucky winner for the game, which kicks off at noon this Sunday.

All you have to do is answer the following question:

What, to you, is the biggest and best 'I was there' Sunderland moment in your time supporting the club and why?

It can be anything... seminal, iconic, amusing, innocuous... just anything that, for you, was significant and holds a special place in your memory. Something that you happily herald as something that shows what it truly means to be Sunderland. The kind of thing you know you'll some day tell your grand-children you were there to witness, no matter how daft they may think it makes you.

Send us your answer via Twitter to @RokerReport or, if you prefer, simply in the comments box below. The closing date for this competition is 10am Thursday (24th), when the winner will be selected.

Good luck!

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