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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 34 - Can We Play You Every Week?

Roll up, roll up, it's time to get on the Wise Men Say podcast. If listening to debate on all things SAFC is your bag, then you really do need to get on board!

Michael Regan

Ok, so the "can we play you every week" craic is a bit far fetched but I bet Man City can't wait to see the back of us. And they're likely to get their wish, as one agonising point still leaves us with a ridiculous amount to do. Is there that tiny bit of hope still? Is there? Really?

Well we do approach this week's pod bursting with positivity, you'll glad to hear. Well, not quite. But two decent performances within a few days gave us an opportunity to break free from the doom and gloom that has weighted heavily on our shoulders over the last few weeks.

There was lots to go over, too. Has the improvement been down to the change in formation; the removal of three centre backs? I think so, as does James Hunter from the Evening Chronicle. As does Martyn McFadden from A Love Supreme. Gareth Barker isn't so sure. But you probably guessed as much.

David Chidgey from Chelsea FanCast chatted about our opponent's hopes and aspirations for the season, while reminding us of the safe standing road show that rocks up at Stamford Bridge for the game.Subscribe on iTunes or listen below yaaaaa'l.

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