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Wise Men Say: Don't Dare Give Me That Hope Again, Sunderland!

We were expecting an inquest into a good old hammering and are now disappointed to have not won. Where does this leave us, I ask you?

Alex Livesey

No, no, no, anything but that. Absolutely anything but a draw please, Sunderland. I was embroiled in a dispute with someone yesterday about the merits of grabbing a point at Man City (not that any of us actually thought it would happen). On the face of it - it's a fantastic point - but probably not enough.

No, it's a bloody awkward point. A win would have given us a realistic chance of surviving; an avenging of the Wembley defeat that seemingly deflated our season. That could have been the electric shock that Gus Poyet spoke of. That could have been the one remarkable and unlikely victory that sides often grab when mounting an unexpected, yet successful, survival campaign. Win our three home games and that probably would have been that. A point though? Well should we now deviate away from our usual ineptitude and win those games, it's still not enough, in my view.

But how dare you give us a smidgen of hope like that? Give me a five goal thumping any day - a Mannone howler, a stray Lee Cattermole pass and three own goals. I'm used to that, I'd resigned myself to Championship football already, I'd even talked  myself and anyone who'd listen into believing it's a good thing. Give us a win or a loss, keep it simple, keep it black and white red and white. What are we supposed to do with a point, man?

It's quite inexplicable that we gifted a side like City two goals at the fortress that is the Etihad stadium and still got a point. The fact of the matter is that they are relevant mistakes. I bloody love Lee Cattermole but he can't play that role in a possession based side. He just can't. That's about four goals he's presented to the opposition since the turn of the year now and it isn't sustainable for anyone hoping for success. Mannnone has been poor lately too but, like Catts, has been one of the few good performers in our side this campaign. I think the bottom line is that Sunderland are simply not good enough to absorb individual mistakes like that. If we were then we wouldn't be sitting bottom of the table.

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