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"I'm Not Going To Quit" Cats, Insists Poyet

Uruguayan is committed to Sunderland for the long-term - if he is trusted to reform struggling club.

Richard Sellers

Gus Poyet has 'promised' to not resign at Sunderland, though accepts that his long-term future at the club may hinge upon key talks over its direction with owner Ellis Short.

The head coach's increasingly distant media demeanor in recent weeks had provoked speculation that he may be readying himself to walk away from the club, but he has vehemently denied that.

Poyet told reporters:

Why are people expecting me to walk out? I don't know why people have that impression of me.

I find myself in a situation I don't like but I'm looking for a solution.

I'm not going to quit. Simple. That I can promise you.

It was good to hear some fighting words from Poyet. He has seemed very downbeat and almost broken of late. He seems almost a completely different person to the bubbly energetic character who breezed into the club last year. It was a similar transformation with Martin O'Neill, actually.

However, whilst he has laid his cards firmly on the table, he has also stressed that end-of-season talks with Ellis Short will shape his long-term future with the club.

You can describe that meeting as 'make it or break it'. But at every club, you have a meeting at the end of the season.

This is Sunderland, so we are still very much in 'anything can happen' territory. In fact just assume we are at all times would be my advice. But it's good to know that Poyet is committed and hungry for change. My own personal opinion is that he is the man to deliver it.

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