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FULL Transcript Of Poyet's Lament

Still struggling to make your mind up about Poyet's post-Everton comments? Fear not.

Paul Thomas

I think that by now we have all seen Gus Poyet's lament at the engrained problems at Sunderland. It wasn't exactly to Paolo Di Canio rant levels, but it was still a pretty eye-opening exchange with journalists.

A lot of the comments have been cherry-picked and carefully framed by subeditors and journalists around the country for a certain effect, which is their job I guess.

The Journal, however, have published a full an unedited transcript for fans to judge and decide for themselves. You can read it by CLICKING HERE.

I think there is a lot open to interpretation, so it's highly recommended reading. Personally, I think the only thing we know for sure is that, whilst Ellis Short described bringing stability to the club as "Poyet's challenge", we are a long long way from seeing that materialise.

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