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Midfielder Insists Players Still Back Poyet

Sunderland's beleaguered squad still "fully back the manager", apparently.

Paul Thomas

Gus Poyet may have alluded to losing belief in his players but Lee Cattermole claims the feeling is not mutual.

Cattermole told The Journal:

We definitely still believe in the manager.

It has been a really strange season, but we'll come to all that at the end of it. But the lads fully back the manager, training has been good and anybody at the stadium today would see that the fans have backed us all the way. We're very grateful.

Cattermole is one of the few players at the club I'd be comfortable with staying next season, though he is also likely to attract a fair bit of Premier League interest so I'm expecting him to go.

I think the players did show a little fight for Poyet on Saturday, but it's easy to fight when there is no pressure. In fact this Sunderland side are experts in fighting when there is no pressure.

Words have pretty much ceased to have meaning these days.


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