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Sunderland Owner Delivers Gus Backing

It seems that Poyet's job is not in any danger which is, in my opinion at least, excellent news.

Richard Sellers

Ellis Short has promised his "total support" to Sunderland manager Gus Poyet as relegation to the Championship looms.

With seven games left last season, Martin O'Neill found himself out of a job as the American desperately searched for a way to avoid the drop, but it appears unlikely that history will repeat itself this time around.

Poyet told reporters:

The message from the owner is support. Total support. I spoke to him this week and he totally supports. He made a decision and he is standing by it until the end.

The conversation was very natural, I don't need to tell you what we said to each other, but it was natural and straight-forward. We spoke about the situation and why we decided to stick together until the end.

It's music to my ears, really. Yeah, so Poyet has made a few mistakes here and there over the last month or so. It happens. But it's time that we stopped defining a manager by their mistakes and started defining them by their possibilities.

With Poyet, you get a manager who has delivered an attractive style of football elsewhere. He's a manager who knows the Championship. He's a manager who took us to Wembley. He's a manager, I believe, who can re-energise this club. He is a manager who can instil an identity into the Sunderland side.

Moreover, though, it's time that Sunderland committed to a manager and committed to a path. I'm almost beyond caring what that path is now really. Let's just back ourselves, our decisions, and have a right good go over a period of time. It offers no guarantees, but it has to be better than constant dice-rolling, right?

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