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Wise Men Say Podcast: Episode 33 - [Enter Witty Name Here]

Despite defeat after defeat after defeat, we urge you to listen to the best SAFC podcast around. It's available now - enjoy!!

Ian Walton

We've always maintained that losing games can help aid the content of the podcast; it's naturally easier to analyse why tactics aren't working than why they are. We'd never wish this on ourselves though. Christ. It's inevitable that the three at the back thing was discussed again, though we try not to bang on about it too much. We manage to have a good old moan in general without replaying each Spurs goal over and over in detail too. Imagine doing that to yourself? Christ.

At the opposite end to us of the feel-good spectrum is those who follow Everton. David Fehily is always good value as a phone guest and he always says nice things about Sunderland. He concludes that Sunderland, despite pushing their luck at Goodison Park this season, were one of the better and purposeful sides he's seen this year. That should probably be uplifting, right? Not sure about that.

Joining myself in the studio was former Black Cat Martin Smith. Thinking about someone who doesn't have any football knowledge reading that sentence out of context is quite funny. As always, I was joined by the other podcast guy, former white badger Gareth Barker.

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